But he’s a Democrat. So there will be no cries of outrage from the chattering class. Vice President Joe Biden: “ Vice President Joe Biden joined House Democrats in lashing tea party Republicans Monday, accusing them of having ‘acted like terrorists’ in the fight over raising the nation’s debt limit.” Disgusting. I am sure Paul Krugman is unmoved.

But he’s President Obama’s VP so the media elites give him a pass, this despite multiple sourcing by Politico. “Vice President Joe Biden tells CBS News that published reports that he compared Tea Party-linked lawmakers to ‘terrorists’ during a closed-door meeting Monday are ‘absolutely not true.’ ”

But he’s been a “reformer” until recently, according to the administration. “Syrian tanks pounded residential neighborhoods across the city of Hama on Monday in the heaviest barrage of a two-day assault to crush street demonstrations against President Bashar Assad, witnesses said.”

But he’s been called “sort of God.” What happened? “The administration would no doubt blame this judgment on the steady stream of miserable economic news. But it should save some of the blame for its own political approach. Ever since the midterms, the White House’s tactics have consistently maximized President Obama’s short-term advantage while diminishing his overall authority. Call it the ‘too clever by half’ presidency: the administration’s maneuvering keeps working out as planned, but Obama’s position keeps eroding.” Maybe that’s all this president knows how to do?

But he’s “no match for Obama,” the left told us. Wrong. Bill McGurn: “[I]t’s hard to look at the debt-ceiling compromise and see it as anything but a conservative victory. It’s not just that Speaker of the House John Boehner succeeded in imposing some conditions in exchange for an increase in the debt ceiling. It’s that the deal has Democrats, including the president, essentially signing on to the Republican framework for defining the Beltway’s budget problem: spending that is too high rather than taxes that are too low.”

But he’s not so “poised” as to enter the Ames contest. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is ‘poised to enter’ the presidential race and is holding a high-level strategy session with a small group of top supporters this week, according to an e-mail sent by his 2010 gubernatorial campaign co-chairman.”

But he’s just the press secretary. Where’s the candidate and what does this mean? “Alex Conant, a spokesman for Mr. [Tim] Pawlenty, said the candidate believed that ‘this deal is nothing to celebrate.’ ‘Only in Washington would the political class think it’s a victory when the government narrowly avoids default, agrees to go further into debt and does little to reform a spending system that cannot be sustained by our children and grandchildren.’ ” So it fine but not great? Or we should have defaulted instead? Hard to keep up.