Republicans’ election to lose. And they just might do so. “If President Obama’s job approval stays where it is today, he will no doubt be ‘underwater’ in the vast majority of districts Democrats would need to recapture to get 25 seats [in the House]. Democrats cannot simply hope for a ‘bounce back’ from 2010 to get them the majority; the current environment is very far from one in which Democrats can unilaterally defeat large numbers of Republicans simply because they are incumbents. Democrats’ best hope is that a polarizing GOP presidential nominee will change the way independent voters think about Republicans in Congress.”

Notice how completely the Obama Justice Department lost its enchantment with the impartial administration of justice? A must-read by Quin Hillyer. “The reality is that these Obama/Holder minions at DoJ are dangerous to the very heart of constitutional, republican (small ‘r’) government.”

Turkey is losing allies at a fast clip. “Egypt’s Islamists are in a row with Erdogan, which is a little ungrateful on their part given how he empowered them by calling for Mubarak’s ouster early and often (albeit in the context of anti-Israel bluster, naturally). Even worse, having invested so much in now-impossible Iranian and Syrian alliances — to such an extent that Ankara’s efforts strained relations with the 2010 Obama White House — Turkey’s foreign policy is now in shambles.” Read the whole thing.

The Perry campaign lost a lot of time. But now Perry advisers seem to understand that some damage control is in order. “Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry kicked up a firestorm inside the GOP when he seemed to endorse Jon Huntsman’s call for a speedy withdrawal from Afghanistan during this week’s debate, but his real views on Afghanistan don’t match those of Huntsman, the GOP hawks, or President Barack Obama, a senior Perry foreign policy adviser told The Cable.” Well, that’s not very comforting — to anyone.

Right about now I bet Obama wishes the NLRB would lose its nerve. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio): “Today the House voted to remove another obstacle to private-sector job creation and long-term economic growth. This bill blocks the federal government’s National Labor Relations Board from telling businesses where they can and can’t create new jobs. It’s absurd that the federal government would stop American employers from creating new jobs here at home when millions are out of work and the unemployment rate exceeds 9 percent. Under this administration, American companies are free to create jobs in China but they aren’t free to create them in South Carolina. I’m hopeful that the Senate will join us in taking swift action, and help give American job creators the certainty they need to plan and put Americans back to work.”

It seems Perry realized he was losing the fight on the HPV issue. “I think anything that a state can do to fight cancer is a wise and a thoughtful approach. Did I make an error in how I went about this? Yes, I’ve readily admitted that I shouldn’t have used an executive order. I should have had an opt-in and I should have worked through the legislative process. We work for the people of the state, not the other way around. When they say, ‘We don’t want to go there,’ we’re not going there. But should we be looking of ways to conquer all of these different cancers that are out there? Absolutely. And I’ll tell you what I am not ashamed of: I have spent the better point of my public service life trying to defend life and find cures for diseases that are impacting millions of people in our country.” But did he realize the error of his ways before the beating he took in the last debate?

Obama is losing friends by the truckload these days. “Newly announced Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren sought to distance herself from her former boss President Obama yesterday as his public approval ratings continue to sink, declaring, ‘I’m my own person’ and refusing to say if she’d vote for his new jobs bill.”

You know an author has lost the patina of respectability when liberals pan an anti-Sarah Palin book. “You’re not going to believe what I’m about to admit. I, um, <clears throat> . . . I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. Not on a macro-level. After all, Palin is the moth to the flame of celebrity. She has to roll with all of the adoration and brickbats that go with it. But after reading the blistering New York Times review of ‘The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin’ by Joe McGinniss, I felt a pang of pity. Even polarizing public figures deserve to be skewered by well-researched and thoroughly reported facts.”