Best ad ever on the Obama economy?

Worst explanation for why the economy is so rotten? “America is stressed out.”

Best reason to be thankful that Sharon Angle didn’t win. Sen. Harry Reid is still majority leader! “If we don’t reach agreement, it could mean no Soc Sec checks, no paychecks 4 troops, no schools for our children.”

Worst case of double standards.“[T]he argument is that if Israel is a ‘Jewish state’ it will certainly, unavoidably, necessarily discriminate against non-Jews. The problem with this debating point is that those who use it apply it only to Israel; no one ever voices any concern about states based on Islam and discriminating in favor of Muslims.”

Best example of Obama’s unhelpfulness in reaching a debt-ceiling deal: “Pelosi, Boehner Agree: Not Camp David.”

Worst part of Gov. Rick Perry’s background? “Mr. Perry spent his first six years in politics as a Democrat, in a somewhat forgotten history that is sure to be revived and scrutinized by Republican opponents if he decides to run for president.” Well, it was a long time ago.

Best outcome for the Republicans in Minnesota. “Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican lawmakers reached the outline of a deal Thursday to end the state’s government shutdown after two weeks. Earlier in the day, the Democratic governor offered to accept most of the Republicans’ June 30 budget proposal. The sides met later and announced they had a framework for a deal, which the legislature must approve.”

Worst decision of Obama’s presidency? The troop withdrawal plan for Afghanistan is right up there.