You wonder about the victims to follow. “1,027 ‘Palestinian’ prisoners — many of whom have shed the blood of Israeli and American children — for one child of Israel, Gilad Shalit. The Gazan murderers and their masters in Damascus call it a victory, and they are very likely right; what number of those released killers will breathe the fresh Israeli air and kill again? For this they will owe a very great debt to Barack Obama’s feckless revisionism.”

You wonder if it’s plain stubbornness. Howard Kurtz on the flap caused by Pastor Robert Jeffress and the candidates’ refusal to repudiate it: “Will the press keep pounding away at this anti-Mormon outburst? Why, 50 years after JFK broke the Catholic barrier, is a candidate’s religion again emerging as a major issue?”

You wonder just how feckless the administration can be. “The Obama administration must take stronger steps than just sanctioning five Iranian individuals, as it announced today, in response to the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi envoy in Washington, Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) told The Cable.”

You wonder what the Texas governor is thinking. “[L]et’s just say that Perry’s decision to speak at Beta Theta Pi post debate (as planned so far) is an interesting choice of venue.”

You wonder how obtuse President Obama can be. Quin Hillyer on the abuse of Jews in Libya: “What is it with these people that they are so full of hatred? A moral leader would denounce this sort of hateful bigotry. Too bad we don’t have a moral leader in the White House; what we have is an anti-Zionist radical.”

You wonder just how thrilled they were. “Mitt Romney’s top campaign aides are a fairly discreet bunch, but it’s not an exaggeration to say they looked like the cat who ate the canary as they watched Romney unveil his campaign’s newest and biggest endorser, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.”

You wonder just how scared Senate Democrats must be of association with the floundering president. “President Obama received a slap from members of his own party Tuesday as the Senate voted to block his $447 billion jobs package. The jobs plan, which the president has spent much of the last month touting on a cross-country tour, fell well short of the 60 votes it needed to proceed. The only Democrats to vote against the measure were Democratic Sens. Ben Nelson (Neb.) and Jon Tester (Mont.), but a number of other centrists in the party indicated they would vote against the package even though they supported launching a debate on the measure.”

You wonder just how much damage he can do to Romney’s opponents. “Chris Christie told reporters on a conference call this afternoon that he spoke with three other presidential candidates in the last week before deciding to endorse Mitt Romney.” Ouch.