If we get a debt-ceiling deal, President Obama’s approval ratings may bounce back.

If we get a debt-ceiling deal, we can go back to worrying about jobs. “GDP growth for the second quarter was lower than expected, with the nation’s output increasing at an annual rate of 1.3 percent from April through June, according to numbers released this morning by the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis. Though a marked increase from the first quarter’s 0.4 percent growth, the figure shows that the nation’s economic recovery remains tepid.”

If we get a debt-ceiling deal, Obama can go back to leading from behind on Syria. “At least 70 people were killed across Syria on Sunday as the regime of President Bashar al-Assad unleashed a brutal attack on the opposition stronghold of Hama and several other towns in a major escalation of its campaign to quash protests on the eve of Ramadan.” Obama said that he was appalled. About time.

If we get a debt-ceiling deal, Obama can go back to blaming George W. Bush for everything. “White House National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling pushed back on Sunday against charges that the Obama administration was responsible for two quarters of worse than expected growth in the nation’s GDP.” Lame.

If we get a debt-ceiling deal, we can go back to watching our relationship with Pakistan go from bad to worse. “U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter was briefly detained at a Pakistani airport earlier this week, Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reported Sunday.The incident comes as relations between the two countries are already at a low point following the May 2 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, which was conducted without Pakistan’s knowledge. Munter was briefly detained in Islamabad on his way to Karachi when officials asked him to produce a document, called a no-objection certificate, that allows diplomats to travel to other parts of the country.”

If we get a debt-ceiling deal, Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s prospective opponents can return to needling him. Mike Huckabee’s daughter hasn’t let up on Perry: “I certainly think that he could have an impact, but so much of that, you know, he hasn’t been through this process. We haven’t seen him really be vetted; we haven’t seen him go through the day-to-day of presidential campaign rigors.”

If we get a debt-ceiling deal, the left can go back to wailing that Obama hasn’t turned out as expected. Maureen Dowd: “You have to wonder if President Obama at some level doesn’t want to lead. Maybe he just wants to be loved.” Maybe he’s incompetent.

If we get a debt-ceiling deal, we can go back to envying Canada. “While the U.S. remains mired in debt and slogs through a subpar economic recovery, Canada is moving ahead steadily. Its unemployment rate peaked at a little over 8.5% and is now 7.4%, and there were no bank bailouts. Real GDP growth is expected to be roughly 3% this year.”