You mean people have been lying about the ratings agencies? “Ratings agency Standard and Poor’s on Tuesday said it will not comment on the ‘many and varying’ plans to reduce the deficit that are currently under discussion in Washington. ‘Any statement to the contrary is inaccurate,’ the agency said in an emailed statement.”

You mean others have figured it out, too? “Will Tim Pawlenty Be The First Man Down?”

You mean they really didn’t raise enough in the second quarter? An emergency fundrasing letter went out from the Tim Pawlenty team “suggesting an urgency to raising $150,000 in fresh dollars to ‘execute our maximum plan in Iowa’ through media buys in the lead-up to Ames. The e-mail from Rick Nelson of the Roosevelt Group came with an attached invitation to an Aug. 3 fundraiser. The tone of the email could be manufactured and aimed at tapping into donor urgency — or it could be real, and suggest dwindling dollars.”

You mean the Swift Boaters weren’t the best judges of character? “Navy Secretary Ray Mabus stripped the Silver Star from a Vietnam swift boat veteran, Capt. Wade Sanders. . . . Sanders is now in jail on child pornography charges. But he’s best known as the man who introduced John Kerry at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and, ironically, vouched for the authenticity of Kerry’s service.”

You mean Jonathan Farrar, Obama’s nominee to be ambassador to Nicaragua, is not a friend of democracy? Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) explains: “His tenure as chief of mission at the U.S. Interests Section in Havana should alarm all my colleagues. Several Cuban human-rights organizations reported his systematic ‘reluctance and disinterest’ to work with dissidents in Cuba, while keeping his distance from the besieged pro-democracy organizations in that country. Under his direction, the mission dismantled creative methods that had been put in place and maintained by the two previous chiefs of mission to visibly engage with the Cuban people and bring them uncensored information. The most notable of these was taking down the news ticker that ran across the façade of the U.S. Interests Section projecting quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. and uncensored news headlines to those living under Castro’s repressive regime.”

You mean ‘leading from behind” is bad idea? Mike Singh: “Our well-being depends not only on political and economic conditions at home, but also those overseas; the view that we can pay heed only to those issues with a direct effect on us and ignore what happens inside countries and communities abroad simply does not fit with today’s reality. Our economic prosperity has been globalized as commerce, capital, and labor increasingly moves across national boundaries; so too has our security, as oceans no longer provide the buffer from foreign threats that they once did, and as more Americans live and travel abroad.” Read the whole thing.

You mean the president isn’t the central player? “The White House had hoped a big deficit-reduction deal would emerge from the fight over the nation’s statutory borrowing limit, righting the fiscal ship and renewing Mr. Obama’s claim to ‘postpartisan,’ transformational politics. Instead, the president found himself urging Americans on Monday night to call their members of Congress and back him up. On Tuesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney was reduced to insisting that Mr. Obama had ‘absolutely not’ been sidelined as congressional leaders struggled to stave off a historic debt default.” The Obama team never understands that good politics follows good governance.