No surprise. Rick Santorum goes after Texas Gov. Rick Perry on HPV mandatory vaccinations. “That is something I’d expect from Barack Obama, not someone who says they’re a conservative.” I told you he’ll be exciting in the debates.

No surprise. President Obama promises that if we just spend another $120 billion or so we will create millions of jobs. Why not spend five times that and create five times the number of jobs? Keynesians never give up, no matter the track record of their ideas.

No surprise. Obama sides with the United Nations against House Republicans’ reform efforts. “The new legislation ‘ends the era of no-strings-attached contributions, and gives us leverage to pressure the U.N. to finally make concrete reforms,’ Ms. Ros-Lehtinen [the House Foreign Affairs committee chairwoman said in a statement today. ‘Making U.N. funding voluntary will give the U.S. control over how our contributions are spent at the U.N. Otherwise, U.S. taxpayer dollars will keep being spent on the bad, the ugly, and the indefensible.’” Obviously, not something Obama can support.

No surprise. The Davis-Bacon Act (which protects union contractors) creates a whole lot of fed tape. “President Obama’s green jobs agenda has become a victim of its own red tape. Several internal reports show that state-level projects have stalled for years due to federal regulations favored by labor and green groups — big boosters of the green jobs push.”

No surprise. “Democrats inside and outside the White House are looking for a comeback strategy for President Obama, and their model is Ronald Reagan.” Unfortunately, the economy is tanking now, and Obama’s policies aren’t helping, and the public has tuned him out. Other than that, it’s just like the Gipper. Exactly.

No surprise. Price controls create shortages, even (especially?) when it comes to cancer drugs. “The only way to induce the supply is to allow prices to rise to market levels.” You can see where ObamaCare is going to take us.

No surprise. “On Tuesday the National Labor Relations Board announced three new decisions that industry experts say will likely hurt the economy and cost American jobs. The first and likely most controversial NLRB ruling overturned a 2007 decision that gave workers nationwide the right to protect themselves from union bosses’ bullying and coercive tactics with secret ballot elections.” It’s almost like it is payback to Big Labor for bankrolling Obama and the Democrats, huh?