Herman Cain doesn’t just lack “media savvy”; he lacks an understanding of the Constitution. And he certainly isn’t ready to be president.

The public doesn’t just lack familiarity with Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s biography; he’ll need to introduce his entire vision and views on an array of issues to the country.

The Tenth Amendment doesn’t just protect states from federal meddling on fiscal and regulatory matters. “Rick Perry’s comment which we noted earlier — that the New York gay marriage law set to take effect on Sunday is ‘their business’ but that he’s fine with it — comes as part of his states-rights sell, which would be a strong basis of his candidacy. It’s also in keeping with his anti-Washington comments.” Could be a seminal shift in the Republican Party on this issue.

President Obama doesn’t just have trouble making a deal on the debt. “The path to ratification by Congress was greased after President Obama renegotiated trade treaties with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. Obama would supply Democratic votes. Republicans were already on board, President Bush having put together the treaties in the first place. It had the look of a done deal. It wasn’t. In May, the White House suddenly insisted the treaties be accompanied by roughly $1 billion in Trade Adjustment Assistance, or TAA as it’s known in Washington. Organized labor was demanding TAA funds be set aside for workers whose jobs might be lost as a result of the treaties. Obama took up the cause.” Read the whole thing.

The White House doesn’t just need a debt deal to avoid default; Obama’s approval numbers are tanking.

Mitt Romney doesn’t just discover that fundraising is tough in the Obama economy. He discovers he doesn’t need to spend all that money: “Mr. Romney is running a much leaner campaign than he did four years ago. He has not run a single television advertisement, has been far more sparing in hiring staff members and opening campaign offices, and has spent much less over all. In about two and a half months this year, Mr. Romney’s campaign spent $5.7 million. By the same point in 2007, he had been campaigning twice as long but spent $32.3 million — more than five times as much.”

Obama doesn’t just have a problem holding on to rich bundlers. “New analysis by Pew Foundation on voter identification finds that, not surprisingly, ‘the electorate’s partisan affiliations have shifted significantly since Obama won office nearly three years ago.’ One of the most notable shifts is the GOP gain among white voters, most specifically ‘the young and poor.’ ”

The House Democratic minority doesn’t just have a Maxine Waters problem. There is yet another David Wu problem. “Rep. David Wu has been accused of an ‘unwanted sexual encounter’ with the teenage daughter of a longtime friend, the latest scandal to engulf the troubled Oregon Democrat.”