Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has got a point: “If it is a referendum, then we’re in trouble because the economy’s not good and people say, well I just want to make it clear, I don’t like the way things are.”

Herman Cain has got to slow down. His staff is going to try to stop the gaffe-a-thon. “The admission that Cain is making too many unforced errors — and the adoption of a plan to fix that — amounts to a significant reset for a long shot who took off like a rocket and landed a ‘Yes We Cain!’ headline on the cover of Newsweek. Cain had requests from 25 national television shows the week after winning the Florida straw poll in late September — and his small coterie of aides clearly was overwhelmed.” So how is he going to manage the presidency?

Who’s got a problem with this? “Three dozen members of Congress urged FBI Director Robert Mueller and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday to treat the Palestinians freed by Israel in the swap for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit as terrorists. In a letter, the lawmakers noted that each of the released prisoners was convicted for acts of terrorism and ‘should be treated as such.’ All of the 1,027 Palestinian prisoners should be on every terrorist watch list and database to keep them out of the United States, the bipartisan group of House members added.”

They’ve got the idea. A new poll showing Hillary Clinton doing better than the president against GOP challengers is whipping up Hillary nostalgia. “Clinton’s strong showing is likely to make some Democrats wistful for to have the former first lady on the [ticket] . . . . There has been some idle speculation that swapping Clinton for current Vice President Joe Biden would help Obama’s prospects (not happening).”

Mitt Romney’s got the knack for attracting donors. “The top campaign contributors behind President George W. Bush’s vaunted political network are slowly coming off the sidelines, and many are lining up behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney has won over twice as many of the Bush backers as Texas Gov. Rick Perry so far, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of newly released fundraising reports.”

Thank goodness for experts. They’ve got an eye for the obvious. “Experts begin to doubt Obama’s re-electability.”

If it’s Friday, the White House has got the document dump. “The White House announced Friday that it has ordered an ‘independent analysis’ of Energy Department loan programs following the collapse of Solyndra, the solar panel company that went bankrupt last month after receiving a $535 million loan guarantee in 2009. The announcement came on the same day that Republicans in the House scheduled a Thursday vote to subpoena the administration for documents on the Solyndra loan. The administration’s 60-day review will evaluate the department’s multibillion-dollar loan portfolio and make recommendations about improving the monitoring process, according to the White House.” Fellas, it’s not “independent” if you hired the investigator.

Hey, they’ve got their priorities. “Financially strapped colleges merge departments, lose cancer researchers — but keep expanding their bloated diversitocracies . . . . ‘UC Berkeley’s new vice chancellor for equity and inclusion, Gibor Basri, has 17 people working for him in his immediate office, including a ‘chief of staff,’ two ‘project/policy analysts,’ and a ‘director of special projects.’ ”

Iowans have got a thing against oil. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s past statements against ethanol made him a marked man when he ventured north for the Iowa caucus campaign, and his recent television ad promoting an energy policy that is heavy on traditional oil and gas while calling for an end to the renewable fuels mandates has caused Iowa ethanol blood to boil afresh.” Maybe better to have left those oil rigs out of his TV ad introduction to the first caucus state. (On this one Perry’s anti-subsidies stance is right on the merits.)

Ohio taxpayers have got a reason to ask what the heck is going on at a public university. “A Kent State University professor allegedly with former ties to a jihadist website shouted ‘Death to Israel’ at a public lecture delivered on the Ohio campus by a former Israeli diplomat. . . . A Kent State spokesman confirmed the professor was once investigated by federal authorities. The university said they were also aware of allegations that . . . [Julio Pino] wrote stories for a now-defunct jihadist website.And according to the Akron Beacon Journal , the professor eulogized an 18-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber in the Daily Kent Stater, the student-run newspaper.”