Not good to be the subject of a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Not a reliable methodology (“Since it was an online poll, typical margins of error do not apply. Despite that, various recognized methods were used to select as representative a sample as possible and weigh the results.”). But if we see in other surveys we’ll know Herman Cain’s 15 minutes is up. “The poll showed the percentage of Republicans who view Cain favorably dropped 9 percentage points, to 57 percent from 66 percent a week ago.”

Not what the left blogosphere had in mind. Occupy D.C. turns ugly. Watch the video that captures “when protesters attacked [Americans for Prosperity] members as they tried to leave the building, injuring several of them (including an 78-year-old woman who was pushed down the stairs and had to go to the hospital for her injuries), barricaded the doors to the convention center, and blocked traffic on the streets — keeping law-abiding citizens with jobs from getting where they needed to be, some of whom can be seen in the video below confronting the protesters. According to The Washington Post, the protesters were also provoking violent altercations with neighborhood’s residents throughout the night. And the whole time, the mob chanted: ‘This is what democracy looks like.’ ”

Not what Cain promised. “Herman Cain’s rise as a presidential contender was supposed to prove that race didn’t matter in the Republican Party. Cain is fast making it the only thing that does.The black conservative is trying to navigate around allegations that he sexually harassed at least three women, implying that the accusations surfaced because he is black.”

Not like Justice Clarence Thomas, Bill Kristol explains: “I don’t think it’s that comparable to what Justice Thomas went through. Anita Hill showed up 10 years later to attack Clarence Thomas, not having filed any complaints at the time. There was no record of anyone having complained about Clarence Thomas in a series of high executive branch and judicial positions. These apparently — they were complaints filed contemporaneously by employees against Herman Cain. So I think it’s legitimate enough for people to raise them if they wish, and I suppose to look at them and consider whether they affect one’s judgment of whether Herman Cain could be the nominee.”

Not any doubt in the Iranians’ minds who won. Fred Kagan writes: “Referring to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s remarks that Iran should refrain from meddling in Iraq following the American troop withdrawal, Iranian defense minister Ahmad Vahidi said the ‘occupiers of Iraq’ have been forced to leave the country and . . . their ‘meddlesome remarks stem from their deep fear of seeing the two nations (Iraq and Iran) united.’” Read the whole thing.

Not bad advice. “The U.S. should consider tougher penalties against Iran’s government and ‘be doing everything we can to bring it down,’ Condoleezza Rice said Sunday. . . . Calling the Iranian regime ‘the poster child for state sponsorship of terrorism,’ Rice said one way to confront Iran would be to remain in Iraq. U.S. forces are scheduled to vacate by year’s end after the Obama administration could not negotiate a new Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi government.”

Not likely Democrats will agree. “Rep. Mike Simpson said Sunday that new revenues are central to Congress’s efforts to reduce the deficit, but the Idaho Republican drew a line in the sand in his opposition to tax hikes. . . . ‘I think you could get additional revenues by actually lowering the tax rates and eliminating all of the exemptions underneath. … More revenue is key to this.’ But Simpson was quick to make a distinction between new revenue and tax hikes. ‘Nobody is in favor of raising tax rates, but we are in favor of increasing revenues.’”

Not a viable presidential candidate in his own right but still one of the smartest pols around. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour advises Cain: “ ‘Bad news is not like fine wine — it doesn’t improve with age . . . . There’s no way you could say it’s been good for him,’ said Mr. Barbour. He added that Mr. Cain ‘needs to get all the cards on the table, face-up.’ ”