Let’s not forget about Mohamed ElBaradei’s contribution to our “intelligence” on Iran’s nuclear program.

Let’s not forget Ohio voted on more than collective bargaining rights on Tuesday. “Ohio voters approved by 66-34 percent an amendment to the state constitution blocking any sort of individual mandate in the state. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that this ‘strike at President Barack Obama’s health care plan …was ahead by a wide margin even in Cuyahoga County — a traditional Democratic stronghold.’ A little over a year ago, Missouri voters likewise rejected ObamaCare’s individual mandate by 71-29 percent.”

Let’s not forget that the Obama administration has embraced military tribunals. “The trial by military commission of top al Qaeda operative Abd al Rahim al Nashiri is set to commence [Wednesday] at Guantanamo. Nashiri’s time in U.S. detention has been controversial because he was one of only three senior terrorists waterboarded by the CIA. Nashiri was subjected to other so-called enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs) as well. . . . Nashiri’s claim before a Guantanamo tribunal that he was merely pursuing various fishing endeavors with the assistance of Osama bin Laden is laughable. Nashiri’s style of fishing involved ramming explosives-laden boats into U.S. warships and oil tankers. The failed attack on the USS The Sullivans in January 2000, the attack on the USS Cole in October 2000, and the attack on the merchant vessel Limburg in October 2002 were all masterminded by Nashiri.” Read the whole thing.

Let’s not forget what is important. “Europe is heading for recession. China is battling its own economic demons. And with the United States also facing problems at home (9% unemployment anyone?), it’s hardly in a position to help.” And the Dow Jones lost almost 400 points yesterday.

Let’s not forget how big is the blunder by the Palestinian Authority. “The Palestinian Authority said on Wednesday that it was weighing its next steps in wake of reports that the UN Security Council has failed to reach consensus on the Palestinian application for membership in the international organization. Some PA officials in Ramallah said they were ‘not surprised’ by the failure of the UN Security Council members to reach agreement on the Palestinian statehood bid, while others expressed anger with the US Administration for scuttling the application.”

Let’s not forget Solyndra. “House Republicans released emails Wednesday that show a major fundraiser for President Obama discussed the $535 million loan guarantee for the solar company Solyndra during a meeting with White House officials. George Kaiser, a ‘bundler’ for Obama’s campaign whose foundation invested in Solyndra, said the issue ‘came up’ during a spring 2010 meeting with White House officials. . . . The email appears to contradict an October ABC News story in which Kaiser and the Obama administration said Solyndra did not come up at Kaiser’s meetings with the White House.”

Let’s not forget whose lives were really devastated. “Amid a sex abuse scandal that has rocked his beloved football team, university and community, [Joe] Paterno, 84, said Wednesday he will retire at the end of the season and that he was ‘devastated’ by developments in the case against his former assistant. Defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing eight children — and questions remain about how Paterno and his superiors handled at least one of the cases.”

Let’s not forget he was a disaster as speaker of the House and is a man of a thousand gaffes. Rich Lowry gets nostalgic: “Why not Newt?”