President Obama doesn’t bother to apologize to Bibi Netanyahu. Fortunately, I might add — there’s just so much insincerity one can stand.

Nicholas Sarkozy doesn’t bother to apologize either. “Sarkozy sent a personal letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu over the weekend addressing the IAEA’s report on Iran’s nuclear program, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday. The letter contains particularly harsh statements against Iran and is signed with the words ‘with friendship’ in the French president’s own hand-writing. The gesture is quite uncommon within diplomatic correspondence.” Blech.

Chelsea Clinton is hired by NBC news and can’t be bothered to give an interview. Erik Wemple writes: “Hypocritical and intolerable: Now Clinton will be asking lots of questions. She just won’t answer any. What a great media world we inhabit.”

Don’t bother wondering if Bashar al-Assad will go. Now it’s just a matter of when. “Assad is losing his composure. We see this not so much in his continued killing of unarmed protesters — for that has been a hallmark of the regime, under Bashar al-Assad as under his father — as in Saturday night’s assaults on the Saudi, Qatari, French, and Turkish embassies and consulates. Those attacks, which absolutely no one will believe were spontaneous, reveal a regime that is fast losing its grip not only on Syria but on reality. Attacking those Arab and Turkish missions was of course against international law but it was more importantly very stupid, as it is bound to offend even more the few governments that could possibly offer Assad a lifeline. It will now persuade them that the sooner he goes the better, and they have various means to implement such a decision — including providing money and weapons to the Syrian opposition, reaching out to the Syrian business community to turn it against Assad, and contacting Syrian military leaders to tell them the regime is finished and they should get on the winning side.”

All those conservative radio talk show hosts and bloggers shouldn’t have bothered defending Herman Cain. It seems that “more than a third of Republicans and conservatives [are] beseeching Cain to quit the race.’ Well, at least we know the electorate isn’t much influenced by calls to circle the wagons around flawed contenders.

I think with Herman Cain’s descent in the polls and his mega gaffe on Libya most voters won’t bother learning the latest from another witness (well sort of). “A Chicago-area pediatrician who used to date Sharon Bialek, the woman who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment following a dinner in July 1997, said at a press conference Monday that Bialek told him after the alleged incident that Cain had ‘touched her in an inappropriate manner.’”

If the following comes to pass, don’t bother looking at any other election issue. “The European debt crisis is raising the odds of a U.S. recession, with economic contraction more likely than not by early 2012, according to research from the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank. While it is difficult to gauge the odds precisely, an analysis of leading U.S. economic indicators suggests a rising chance of a recession through the end of the year and into early next year, researchers at the regional Fed bank wrote on Monday. The risk of recession recedes after the second half of 2012, they found.”

Mickey Kaus says conservatives should be bothered by Newt Gingrich’s track record of caving. “A key point not addressed by issues papers is his firmness in negotiation, or lack thereof. During the welfare reform debate of 1995-6, my impression was that Gingrich always wants to be the hero who walks into the room and cuts the grand deal. As a result he is all-too-ready to make dramatic concessions, which is one reason Clinton cleaned his clock in the post-1994 budget negotiations. Fastest sellout in the West!”