You wonder how that happened. “Cain: ‘Confusion About Some Of Positions’ Led To Drop In Polls.”

You wonder how these things get started. Chris Wallace ostensibly quoted Grover Norquist “adopting the tone of a teacher scolding a second grader” with Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) as he recalled the conversation.” Kyl said it never happened: “And the proof in the pudding is the fact that the so-called Toomey Plan, which Republicans, all six of us, offered to the Democrats, would specifically have raised tax revenues. It would have raised $250 billion more than the tax reform that would be necessary to reduce the rates and would have applied that to debt reduction. Grover was not happy with that, we did it anyway. And this is the point. The Bowles-Simpson Commission said: raise whatever revenue you can and apply it to reducing rates. We did that in the Toomey plan by reducing the value of all this tax credits and deductions, the kind of thing you spoke of. And Toomey Plan scored by the Congressional Budget Office, would have reduced the top rate to 28 percent and every other rates by 15 percentage points. As a result of which, we could accomplish both goals.”

You wonder whether Newt Gingrich can get the vote out. “[A]t the end of the day, you have to get people to come to the Iowa caucuses. People like him. They watch him in debates and things, they think he’s a great debater, but he still is operating without much support around him. And in a case like this, the Romney campaign, you can be sure, is going to hit him with direct mail pieces, phone pieces on immigration. So we’ll see how he responds to it.”

You wonder how dumb pols think the voters are. “Cain Camp Fundraises Off Old Poll.”

You wonder how the base is going to take to this. “Senator Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat, knows very well that any kind of support from him towards a Republican candidate could deep six that GOP’er in as fast as New York minute. Sen. Schumer was asked by Meet the Press’s David Gregory on Sunday about former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s recent ascent to the top of the Republican presidential primary pack. Mr. Schumer seized upon Gingrich’s thoughts on how to solve the nation’s illegal immigration problem. . . . Senator Schumer was not the only influential Democrat to speak nicely of Mr. Gingrich. Former President Bill Clinton, also endeared himself to Mr. Gingrich telling Newsmax, ‘He’s articulate and he tries to think of a conservative version of an idea that will solve a legitimate problem.’”

You wonder if the U.S. had stepped forward earlier and rallied other nations how many Syrian lives would have been spared. “The Arab League approved tough economic sanctions against Syria on Sunday to press it to end its violent crackdown against antigovernment protesters, an unprecedented step against an Arab country.”

You wonder if Gingrich is all that thrilled to have set expectations for a win in Iowa. Rich Lowry opined that “if he gets through the next six weeks and if he wins Iowa , he is now set up for a hell of a run.”

You wonder if this tautology won’t draw laughs among the presidential campaigns. “The first two months of 2012 represent Mitt Romney’s best chance to deliver a knockout blow in the Republican presidential primary. If he cannot do so, he could be in for a drawn-out primary similar to the 2008 Democratic race.” Umm, well yeah, I guess if he doesn’t knock out everyone quickly, the race will drag on.