Execution was never his thing. “[Newt] Gingrich’s relative lack of organization handicaps him. He didn’t open an Iowa headquarters until last weekend, just 34 days before the caucuses. (Organizing took a long hiatus after his entire Iowa staff quit in early June, citing the candidate’s lackadaisical fundraising and campaigning.) The late start has revealed itself in a spate of growing pains and errors in recent days.”

And he’s a guy who never learns form his mistakes. “A few weeks back, as the Ohio primary filing date was approaching, a number of emails surfaced showing Newt Gingrich supporters racing to get their act together before the deadline. Now, a source forwards on a similar email from a Gingrich backer in Virginia in the run-up to that state’s deadline.”

Never underestimate Rep. Michele Bachmann’s ability to wield facts in an argument. She slaps down David Gregory on “Meet the Press”: “For accuracy. For accuracy. David, David, then, then let me finish. Do a comparison. I agree with you that there was too much money that was spent under George Bush. But for the year 2007, the debt for the year was $160 billion. The debt for this last year was about $1 1/2 trillion. That’s almost 10 times more in debt than George Bush. And just for the month of — for the month of, I think it’s November of this year, it was more than the entire year for 2007. So there’s no question that the debt has just skyrocketed under, under President Obama in comparison to George Bush.”

You’d think GOP candidates would have learned from Gingrich to never to attack capitalism. But Texas Gov Rick Perry joins the OWS crowd with swipes like this: “Texas Gov. Rick Perry took a shot at former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s previous career in private equity, saying his rival in the Republican presidential primary is ‘part of Wall Street.’” So?

They should never be surprised when the president caves. He does it frequently. “Keystone climbdown leaves Obama supporters scratching their heads.”

Never be surprised at how the District can spend money. “The school is unrecognizable (for $124 million, it had better be). The once gloomy and decrepit halls are awash in light. The peeling paint is gone, the warped lockers have been replaced, and the flickering fluorescent is now a halogen glow. The Rose Garden is a beautiful outdoor eating area with what appear to be actual rosebushes. The men’s locker room, inhospitable to zombies, leads to ‘an NFL quality underground tunnel’ that leads, in turn, to Wilson’s happily updated football field. The old gym was flattened and replaced with an acoustically paneled auditorium and stadium seating for 850. The old auditorium was crushed to make room for two exquisite new gyms, the smaller of which comes complete with a ‘green’” roof (courtesy of a $200,000 federal stimulus grant).” That’s for a single high school. Read the whole hilarious thing.

You can never go wrong assuming the worst about Obama’s foreign policy. There is plenty of evidence “we will not only not prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear capability but will not even adopt a policy of containment. For containment is a military policy promising retaliation for certain steps, but we’re going to ‘demilitarize elements of our foreign policy.’”

Never a modicum of common sense from this crew. “The U.S. handed over to the Iraqi government on Friday a Lebanese man accused of killing American soldiers in Iraq, Ali Musa Daqduq. The move by President Barack Obama helps ease the U.S. effort to withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year, but the decision to turn Daqduq immediately drew harsh criticism from lawmakers who want the alleged Hezbollah operative to stand trial before a military commission.”

Never forget the power of one man. “A shy yet resilient, unfailingly polite but dogged man who articulated the power of the powerless, Mr. [Vaclav] Havel spent five years in and out of Communist prisons, lived for two decades under close secret-police surveillance and endured the suppression of his plays and essays. He served 14 years as president, wrote 19 plays, inspired a film and a rap song and remained one of his generation’s most seductively nonconformist writers. All the while, he came to personify the soul of the Czech nation. His moral authority and his moving use of the Czech language cast him as the dominant figure during Prague street demonstrations in 1989 and as the chief behind-the-scenes negotiator who brought about the end of more than 40 years of Communist rule and the peaceful transfer of power known as the Velvet Revolution, a revolt so smooth that it took just weeks to complete, without a single shot fired.”

Israel will never forget what a good friend he was to the Jewish state. “President Havel was a strong, brave voice against totalitarianism, inspiring freedom fighters worldwide. . . . He was a true friend of Israel, and he made efforts in recent years along with other world leaders to counter attempts to de-legitimize the only State of the Jewish People. His courage and confidence will be sorely missed.”