The news catches up with Right Turn. Rick Santorum is an Iowa contender. “[A]ccording to a CNN/Time/ORC International Poll, one-time long shot candidate Rick Santorum has more than tripled his support since the beginning of the month. . . . Twenty-five percent of people questioned say if the caucuses were held today, they’d most likely back Mitt Romney, with 22% saying they’d support Rep. Ron Paul of Texas . . . .The new survey indicates that Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania, is at 16% support, up 11 points from the beginning of the month, with Gingrich at 14%, down from 33% in the previous poll.”

The Jerusalem Post picks up the lefty blogger scandal. “A group of bloggers that are affiliated with the Center for American Progress (CAP) think tank has sparked sharp criticism because of an anti-Israel agenda that spilled over into modern anti-Semitism, according to NGOs in Israel and the U.S.” CAP’s spokesman won’t say if the offenders will be dumped from CAP’s Web site and won’t disclaim the heinous allegation that Sen. Mark Kirk (R- Ill.) cares most about Israel. Where are the grown-ups?

What happens if Hamas and Fatah really do team up to form a unity government? Elliott Abrams explains that Mahmoud Abbas would be out of a job. Moreover, he writes: “At a deeper level, a unity agreement would bring Hamas into the PLO and thereby compromise the PA’s and PLO’s commitment to fight terrorism and seek a Palestinian state without violence. . . . And when Hamas joins the PLO, how can the United States possibly allow the PLO to maintain its representative office in Washington?”

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) clams up. He won’t say if thinks it was a mistake to fight Hitler in World War II. “It would be a revealing indicator of just how far outside the mainstream Paul’s isolationism may be if he does in fact think the U.S. should not have invaded Europe during World War II.”

Newt Gingrich needs his quiet time to think up great ideas. Defending his Greek cruise early in the campaign, he said, “I think you need to pace yourself. You need to get a sense of distance.” Good thing he’s not running for a high-pressure job with long hours, or anything.

Would second place lock up the nomination? “Mitt Romney increasingly is being seen as a winner in Iowa, even if he fails to win the state’s caucuses on Tuesday. A second-place finish on Jan. 3 in Iowa could lock up the GOP nomination quickly for the former Massachusetts governor, who appears all but unbeatable in the next contest — New Hampshire’s Jan. 10 primary.” That seems a bit premature.

Give up, fella. That spin’s not going to work even on his spinner, former Pennsylvania congressman Robert Walker. Spotted: “Gingrich [spokesman] on CNN, saying finishing top 5 in Iowa ‘wouldn’t be bad.’ ” In the same sense that it wouldn’t be wrong to call Newt an historian for Freddie Mac.

Never willing to man up and take the blame. “Virginia ballot drama: Newt blames the help.”

Cheer up! There are still great Americans serving in government. “To his comrades abroad, [Richard] Goldberg was known as the methodical intelligence planner who coordinated roughly 200 airborne combat missions across enemy lines. But inside the Beltway, a battleground unto itself, the soldier goes by another title: deputy chief of staff to Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.). As Kirk’s number two in command, Goldberg also plays the role of the strategist, cannily advising the senator on all matters relating to foreign policy and national security.”