Dumb. “Former Newt Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler, now working for the super PAC Winning Our Future, says that the ‘northeastern GOP establishment’ has left Gingrich supporters no choice but to go on offense against Republican elites who have attacked the former House speaker. I emailed Tyler to ask why WOF released a caustic statement going after columnist Charles Krauthammer, who has regularly disparaged Gingrich in print and on Fox News. The super PAC email said Krauthammer is losing the respect of conservatives and quoted a Gingrich supporter suggesting that the commentator is ‘a bit jealous of Newt’s intellect.’) Make that delusional.

Duh. “In front of an energetic coffee shop crowd, Gov. Rick Perry was taken off guard by a question on a famous 2003 Supreme Court case striking down anti-sodomy laws.” It was a Texas case. Pretty basic stuff.

Deadly with mainstream Republicans. “While campaigning in Iowa on Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul praised the Occupy Wall Street movement, comparing it to the Tea Party movement. ’In many ways, I identify with both groups,’ Paul said. Both groups are fed up with problems in Washington and ‘the two-party-system,’ Paul said while speaking at an insurance company in Des Moines.”

Desperate. “The same day that Texas Gov. Rick Perry began taking swipes from the stump at Rick Santorum’s history with earmarks, the Perry campaign released an analogous radio ad hammering Santorum on the same subject.”

Decidedly not conservative. “Looking for votes in Iowa, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich touted his support for ethanol on Thursday and said it would be part of his all-American energy plan.”

Devastating. Santorum goes after Ron Paul: “Ron Paul says he’s going to eliminate five departments. Ron Paul passed one bill in 20 years. What give you the idea that he can eliminate anything? I mean, he has absolutely no track record of building any kind of coalition to get anything done anywhere. I understand the appeal that Ron Paul has: it’s simple, it’s short — but there’s no track record there. . . . “I mean he’s out in the Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democratic Party. Don’t laugh!” Well, it was a funny line.

Disturbing. “The hairy tech fans have been playing with iPads since they were first introduced to them in May. Conservationist Richard Zimmerman said the next step would be to provide wi-fi access — meaning the apes could watch orangutans in other zoos.” I mean, should they be locked up in a zoo or set free to roam, and browse?

Do over? New Hampshire Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid goes after Ron Paul. Maybe he should have endorsed someone who could beat him then. “Ron Paul is a dangerous man. While his domestic libertarian views are quite attractive to some voters fed up with politics as usual, it is Paul’s position on issues of our national security that are truly dangerous.”