Strong measures are needed. The bipartisan Egypt working group calls on U.S. aid to Egypt to be suspended. “This recommendation is not made lightly, and retaining American influence with the Egyptian army is a significant goal. But the military must understand that it is simply impossible, in our democratic system, to continue to send them funds when they punish human rights and democracy promotion groups for receiving U.S. funding. Even if the Obama administration wants to keep the money flowing, it would not be long before Congress insisted that it stop.”

Strong — and vile — words from Haim Saban. “The fact that Rubio and some Republican presidential candidates have an anti-Hispanic stand that they don’t want to share with our community is understandable but despicable. So ‘boycotting’ Univision, the largest Spanish-language media company in the U.S., is disingenuous at best and foolish at worst.”

Jon Huntsman needs a strong showing in New Hampshire and doesn’t seem to be catching fire. “Huntsman confused voters with an inconsistent message, shifting back and forth between a moderate and a conservative pitch.”

With no strong incentive to leave the race, his opponents are making Mitt Romney’s nomination all the more likely. “Santorum, Perry, Gingrich and Bachmann need the other three to drop out quickly. But right now, none of them have much incentive to drop out. Barring some abysmal and embarrassing performance tonight, none of them will have much incentive to quit the race until after South Carolina.” [Perry late last night seemed to head for the hillls.]

His TV ad buy seemed to be strong evidence that Gov. Rick Perry at least was going to battle it out in South Carolina. (Romney’s camp is delighted.) “The size of the buy was not immediately clear, but the intent was. It’s a signal Perry is planning to stay in the race through the state’s primary later this month, and that he’ll treat Iowa as what one source called ‘the starting gun,’ as opposed to the finish line.”

Speaking off the cuff is not his strong suit. “With a sense of history on the biggest political day — to date — of the 2012 cycle, Texas Gov. Rick Perry [Tuesday] compared the GOP’s quest to defeat President Barack Obama to one of the deadliest battles of the D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944.” Cringe.

This would be a strong hint that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) is either showing his age or he never has really expected to win the nomination. “He took the weekend off in Texas and now has no campaign events planned until Friday in NH.”

I’ve got a strong hunch Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is not taking this advice from Sarah Palin. “As for Michelle Bachmann. She has a lot to offer, also, but I don’t think it is her time this go around. And I believe that unless she, too, wants to spend her own money or borrowing money and perhaps go into debt. Which heaven forbid, you do that to your family? Perhaps she is one, too, who would start saying ‘supporters of mine, why don’t we coalesce around one of the other candidates and let’s move together as a team to get that right primary candidate chosen.’ ”

A strong sign Romney is taking nothing for granted — and that he has plenty of money on hand. “The Florida ad buy is at least $825,000, starts Wednesday, and will run through next Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. It comes on top of a $1 million ad buy already launched in South Carolina and Florida by Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Romney’s candidacy.”