Rick Santorum gets scolded by conservatives on federal felon voting rights legislation.

The media and the Dems (but I repeat myself) get scolded by Douglas Holtz-Eakin on Mitt Romney’s taxes. “Today’s brouhaha started when Gov. Mitt Romney told reporters that his tax rate is approximately 15 percent. This fact should surprise no one, since he has not drawn a salary in many years and relies on his significant investment income, which is — for sound economic growth reasons — largely taxed at the dividend-income and capital-gains rates.” Read the whole thing.

The anti-Bain critics get scolded by Romney. “At a brief news conference in Florence, [South Carolina,] Romney repeated his assertion from Monday night’s debate that four companies that Bain Capital invested in under Romney’s leadership created 120,000 jobs. Other companies involved with Bain ended up losing about 10,000 jobs, Romney said, insisting the overall record reflected positive job growth as part of the free-market system.”

Newsweek gets scolded for its “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?” cover story. It’s actually wonderful to see the magazine be candid at least about its contempt for conservatives.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry doubles down after being scolded by Turkey. “Rick Perry didn’t budge from the argument he made in Monday night’s debate that there should be some discussion on whether Turkey stays in the North Atlantic [Treaty] Organization (NATO) and continues to receive U.S. aid. ‘This is a country that’s got some explaining to do to the United States,’ the presidential hopeful said on CNN. Earlier in the day the Turkish Foreign Ministry and Turkish embassy in the United States, respectively, issued strongly worded statements criticizing Perry. Turkey’s minister to the United States noted that his country ‘receives no significant sums of foreign aid dollars from the U.S.’ and said Perry’s comments were ‘misplaced and ill-advised.’ Similarly, the country’s foreign ministry said the Texas governor was not well informed.” Americans have figured that out too.

The anti-Romney punditocracy gets gently scolded by Jim Geraghty. “In Florida, Romney Clings to a 26-Point Lead.”

The hand-wringers in the GOP get scolded by Bill Kristol. “A lot of Republicans are spending a lot of time [thinking], ‘how do we keep Ron Paul under the tent’? How do we make sure he doesn’t go third party? . . . I don’t think anyone should plead with him not to run or to stay in the party. I would be comfortable in a general election if Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum as the Republican in the Reagan tradition and debating both Barack Obama and Ron Paul.” I’d want to see some poll numbers first.

James Dobson isn’t backing down after being scolded for remarks referring to Callista Gingrich as “an eight-year mistress.” He tells Politico: “As you know, the American public is remarkably aware of details concerning each presidential candidate’s personal history and family life. Just as it is common knowledge that Speaker Gingrich has been married three times, which is discussed every day on the campaign trail, it is also known that Callista Gingrich was his mistress for years. That is hardly new news. My five second comment to that effect was not intended to be cruel or hurtful, just a statement of fact.” Impolite maybe, but true.