Enough with the Iowa caucuses. “Santorum’s strange, belated victory also served to embarrass the Iowa GOP — which had to admit it had misallocated some votes, and simply lost some others, in a razor’s-edge election where every vote mattered. It also cast unflattering light on the old-fashioned and convoluted system that the party uses to collect and counts caucus votes.”

Mickey Kaus certainly has had enough. “This is not the first time the Iowans have botched the count in their caucuses. . . . Let’s see: They run an 1) unrepresentative non-primary 2) controlled by small numbers of each parties more extreme elements 3) with proven record of bad judgment and 4) they can’t even count the votes. . . . Stop them now, before they kill again.”

Enough with the family values lecture, Newt. “Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich in 1999 asked his second wife for an ‘open marriage’ or a divorce at the same time he was giving speeches around the country on family and religious values, his former wife, Marianne, told The Washington Post on Thursday.” And Gingrich has the nerve to call the interview “tawdry.”

Some in Congress have had enough with the grandstanding. “A Republican House member and Marine veteran sent a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Wednesday urging caution against an over-the-top punishment of the Marines who were videotaped allegedly urinating on Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) said the actions of the Marines were wrong and that they should be disciplined, but he said they should not face a punishment ‘for the purpose of making a statement to our partners in the region.’”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry really doesn’t have enough sway to get his supporters over to Newt, it seems. “One of Rick Perry’s most well-known supporters in South Carolina, former U.S. ambassador and state speaker of the house David Wilkins, will now back Mitt Romney, he tells CNN. Perry has endorsed Newt Gingrich but Wilkins’ decision illustrates that his key allies in the Palmetto State are not necessarily following suit.”

Fred Barnes says President Obama’s pipeline decision shows he’s had enough with all that centrist stuff. “Few of Obama’s decisions have been quite so revealing. There’s little doubt anymore about how Obama is running for reelection this year — it’s from the left.”

Enough with the excuses. Is anything his fault? “President Obama blames the press for creating the image that he’s aloof and disconnected from the rest of Washington, insisting in a new interview that he’s just more interested in spending time with his family than in exchanging pleasantries with strangers.”

Rick Santorum’s had enough of inconsistent, not very conservative opponents. “Rick Santorum had some harsh words for rivals Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney today. ‘Both of them supported individual mandates. Both of them supported global warming, and one of them sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi to talk about how they need to do so something. And . . . both of them supported the Wall Street bailout.”