Get a grip, people.“It was careless of Mitt Romney to make a fortune in private equity. It was inexcusable to pay taxes at the statutory rate for private-equity carried interest. If he had an ounce of dignity, he would run for office and demand changes to the tax code. Oh wait . . .”

Get real. “The thing is if you make a list of the 100 qualities and skills a president needs to succeed, the capacity to administer epic beat-downs of liberal journalists is pretty far down the list. So Newt’s debate triumphs really tell us nothing about his ability to be president, or even his ability to win debates in a general election. Since when has the candidate for president in a general election who shows the most bombast and ill-temper won a debate? Al Gore just sighed and lost a debate.”

Get the sense the Obama administration has little patience for religious liberty? “Obamacare Will Mandate Free Coverage of Abortion Drug & Contraception Without Religious Exemption.” Sue ’em.

Get tough with Egypt, says Elliott Abrams. “Eleven members of the United States Senate have written to Egypt’s head of government Field Marshal Tantawi to threaten a reduction of U.S. aid unless the NGOs raided on December 29 are permitted to reopen. As I have written here previously, that’s the right stance for the United States to take. Three of the seventeen organizations raided were American and backed by U.S. Government funding: Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, and the National Democratic Institute. Written materials and computers were also seized, and despite various promises nothing has been returned.”

Get serious. “So think about this: Mr. Gingrich, a candidate for the presidency, is enraged because the press interviewed his ex-wife and, in the process, has drawn attention to his own infidelity and mistreatment of his ex-wife, which no one disputes. And in all of this the injured party isn’t Marianne Gingrich but rather Newt Gingrich. The offending party isn’t the former speaker; it’s the press for daring to raise this matter . . . . And the fact that his [Thursday night debate] answer — which I will concede worked brilliantly for him – brought a conservative audience to its feet was not one of the conservative movements finest hours.”

Get a clue about Gingrich’s central flaw, says Mickey Kaus, namely his habit of “embracing a clever half-baked solution because it sounds fresh and fills a political need. It’s a character issue.” Indeed.

Get wise to the new media, fellas. The Hollywood dinosaurs got smoked by the tweets, the blogs and talk radio. “After getting panned on the Web, Hollywood’s blockbuster anti-piracy bill imploded like a box-office bomb . . . [last] week — and Washington realized the Internet’s ‘series of tubes’ now may have more clout than the vaunted motion picture and music industries.”