Imagine if Arab women had their own Spring. “Why are they not spilling out into the streets every day by the hundreds of thousands to denounce the persistent, repugnant glorification of murder and child sacrifice by their men and, even worse, their sisters?”

Imagine if all the lefty columnists actually went out to see what the Occupiers looked like. “Police are supposed to be moving in at any moment to roust the occupiers, and I am there, a dutiful journalist, hoping to see some patchouli-stinking, Guy-Fawkes-mask-wearing GW sociology major get tased. But there are actually far fewer protestors on the scene than there are anxious and earnest journalists crowding into the park, huddling, with their cameras and recorders and notebooks and iPhones, close to the newly erected Tent of Dreams, a large blue tarp in the center of the square draped over the statue of Major General James McPherson. By the look on McPherson’s face, he appears to be an unwilling tent-pole, but he’s stuck there. Poor guy. At least he can’t smell anything.” Read the whole hysterical thing.

Imagine if we had a coherent Egypt policy. “There is no better summary of how U.S.-Egyptian relations have changed than news stories reporting that ‘a number of Americans whom Egyptian authorities have been barred from leaving the country have sought refuge at the American Embassy in Cairo.’ They need refuge because they may well be arrested without this protection. Barred from leaving the country? Refuge in a U.S. embassy, behind the Marine guards? Rather odd for a country that receives $1.3 billion a year in military aid. While Hosni Mubarak and his regime hated the American NGOs — principally Freedom House, the International Republican Institute for International Affairs, and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs — for promoting human rights and democracy, under Mubarak matters never reached this point.”

Imagine if Republicans were as logical as William Galston. “If Obama were running against Gingrich this fall, he’d win — barring outright economic or military catastrophe — because the former speaker will never be able to persuade a majority of the people that he has the right temperament and character to occupy the Oval Office.”

Imagine if we had a president who respected religious liberty. “The particulars of what the Obamacare insurance mandate rule does, and the unwillingness of the administration to exempt religious employers, are just stunning. Religious institutions are basically going to be fined for holding views regarding contraception, sterilization, and abortion that are different from the Obama administration’s views. For instance, Notre Dame University, which employs more than 5,000 people, is going to be given the choice of either expressly violating its religious convictions or paying a $10 million fine to the federal government. It’s bad enough that any employer with a moral objection has to spend his money this way, but it is especially egregious to compel religious institutions to do so.”

Imagine if we didn’t overpay public employees by a ludicrous amount. “Earlier today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a study confirming the differences in compensation between federal government employees and their private-sector counterparts. . . . Key points from the CBO’s comparison of employee compensation between federal civilian employees and the private sector: Overall, federal civilian employees receive total compensation that is 16 percent higher than their private-sector counterparts; Federal civilian employees receive 2 percent more in cash wages than private-sector employees; The most significant advantage comes in the form of benefits, where federal civilian employees enjoy a 48 percent advantage over their private-sector counterparts.”

Imagine if Newt Gingrich could resist the urge to say everything that comes into his brain. “‘To treat building a base on the moon as a grandiose joke, as the media and many conservatives are doing, is really sad,’ said a senior aide to a member of the pro-space Florida Congressional delegation. ‘Regardless of what happens to Newt, I’m afraid he’s poisoned the issue for at least a decade, and really set back the future of human space exploration.”

Imagine if the GOP nominated Gingrich. Would Obama win 40 states? 45? “While Mitt Romney virtually ties President Obama in a head-to-head match up in 12 key battleground states, the president has opened a wide lead over Gingrich, a new USA Today/Gallup survey finds. In early December, according to Gallup, Gingrich was ahead of Mr. Obama by three points in swing states.”