Fraudulent contraception compromise. “Under this rule, then, it would still be the case that as a result of being employed by a religious institution that provides insurance coverage (which Obamacare would require employers to do, or else pay a large fine), workers at that institution would have free access to contraceptives and abortifacients that they would not have had if that employer did not offer insurance coverage. So it’s still the case that the rule would require religious employers to purchase a product that violates their convictions, in the same way as the original rule. . . . The choice for religious employers is still between paying an insurer to provide their workers with access to a product that violates their convictions or paying a fine to the government.”

Fake concern about fiscal discipline. “President Obama’s Monday budget request to Congress will forecast a fiscal year 2012 deficit of $1.33 trillion and will include hundreds of billions of dollars in proposed infrastructure spending. . . .The projected deficit is higher than 2011’s $1.296 trillion deficit and slightly higher than the Congressional Budget Office’s roughly $1.15 trillion projection released last week.”

Farcical. “As violence grows, Ford emphasizes peaceful transition in Syria.”

Fond memories? Probably not for the Rick Santorum campaign. “In 2006 Rick Santorum was in a tough, and ultimately failed Pennsylvania reelection battle with then State Treasurer Bob Casey. Santorum released a series of ads and pamphlets to tout his moderate record. Here is one of those ads which features Santorum boasting about fighting the Bush Administration on cutting Amtrak funding and helping to raise the minimum wage.” Well, when you’re from a liberal state . . . Oh.Wait.

Fantaticism is a luxury Republicans don’t have, says Andrew Breitbart. “From my perspective, there are too many people holding the conservative movement to the impossible post-2009 Tea Party standard when we lived in a completely different political reality,. It’s sort of like we all got married and now we’re finding out about our spouse’s past. It’s like, ‘Wow, you stripped in Tallahassee? That’s not good ... None of these people is perfect. And I’m not sitting there freaking out about the sins of their past.”

Funny. Ann Coulter: “ ‘You know how [Democrats] are going to run against our candidate, because it is the only way that they run against any Republican: Call them dumb or stupid. And there is one presidential candidate we have right now who frustrates both of those. That is Mitt Romney,’ said Coulter. ‘You can’t call him dumb. You can’t call him crazy. You can call him square, and that seems to be what a lot of right-wingers don’t like about him. . . . I think we have had enough of hip. Hip has nearly wrecked the country. Let’s try square for a while.’”

Finally. “For now, the Adelsons don’t plan to deliver another big check to float [Newt] Gingrich’s campaign, according to a person familiar with their deliberations. The family has donated a combined $11 million to Gingrich’s super-PAC in the past two months, according to interviews and Federal Election Commission records. An Adelson spokesman declined to comment.”

False assumption. “Obama Budget Bets Other Concerns Will Trump the Deficit.”

Feisty. “Drawing on his by now well-honed debate skills, Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney on Friday deftly put down an aggressive attack by a few hostile members of a town hall audience, who challenged him repeatedly on issues ranging from his overseas investments to his support for hydrofracking.”

Flawed strategy? “Santorum’s apparent decision to concede a critical primary state to Romney strikes some Arizona observers as unusual. Romney is coming off a humbling loss in another western state, Colorado, where he won convincingly in 2008.”

Fail. “Newt’s would-be first lady introduced him at CPAC — and the reviews were brutal.”