Excuses, excuses. White House chief of staff Jack Lew falsely claims a budget take 60 votes to pass the Senate.

Excuses, excuses. “Santorum suggests Romney rigged CPAC straw poll victory.” Sounds like he’s borrowing the Ron Paul playbook.

Excuses, excuses. “In a dramatic break from what head been an informal alliance with Mitt Romney’s campaign for president, Ron Paul’s campaign manager John Tate dispatched a furious e-mail to supporters last night, accusing Romney allies of dirty tricks in the Maine caucuses.”Sigh.

Excuses, excuses is all he hears from President Obama. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.): “There are bipartisan leaders in Congress working together. [Oregon Senator] Ron Wyden and I are working on a plan to save and strengthen the program — to keep the Medicare guarantee for current and future seniors. What we’re showing is that there’s a consensus on how best to save Medicare. Unfortunately, the president and his party’s leaders — they’re not a part of this conversation, and that to me is very disappointing.”

Excuses, excuses and plenty of gimmicks. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace grilling Lew: “You are claiming $850 billion in savings, spending savings over the next decade by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, $850 billion. As the former director, as you were until a few weeks ago, of the Office of Management Budget, isn’t that a classic Washington gimmick that you’re going to claim savings from money that you weren’t going to spend anyway instead of cutting real problems?”

Excuses, excuses. I buy Santorum endorsing incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) for reelection in 2004. But for president?? “For Specter, who later became a Democrat, his pro-abortion-rights position was a centerpiece of his campaign. Specter believed that anti-abortion activists were a ‘fringe’ group hijacking the Republican party. ‘There are clearly more Republicans who are pro-choice,’ Specter told Newsday’s Susan Page. ‘Up until now, I am the only person willing to take on the fringe.’ After Specter dropped out of the race, he led an ill-fated movement to change the anti-abortion provision in the Republican party platform. Santorum was effectively returning a favor by endorsing Specter despite his aggressive pro-abortion-rights views. Specter had supported Santorum’s 1994 Senate campaign.”

Excuses, excuses. Santorum defends a 2006 Senate-reelection ad touting his liberal stance on a variety of issues. “Yeah, well, of course, you know, that was an ad we ran in Philadelphia. Amtrak funding is important to Philadelphia. And, you know, you — look, you do things for your state that are important. And that corridor, Amtrak was very important, the same thing, minimum wage. As you know, I voted against minimum wage increases repeatedly, but there was — there was a minimum wage increase when the minimum wage got way below what the normal is.”