Now the Netherlands is irate. It seems that the euthanasia rate is only 2 and not 10 percent. Well, I’m not sure that’s something to brag about.

Right-wing blogs get mad when you point out inconvenient facts but, “Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney leads the president 50%-46% among registered voters, Romney’s strongest showing against him to date. Obama edges former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum by a single percentage point, 49 %-48%.”

Big Labor was angry over the delay in the Keystone XL Pipeline, but that hasn’t dimmed support for the president. “Labor appears squarely back in the Democrats’ corner for the 2012 election — pushed there in large part by Republican attacks on collective bargaining rights for public employees. . . . The country’s biggest unions also have played a central role in helping a network of federal pro-Democratic ‘super PACs’ get off the ground, pouring more than $4 million into those groups in 2011, even as many wealthy liberals kept their checkbooks closed.” You see, Democrats really don’t have a problem with Citizens United as long as their super PACs get on the ball.

If Santorum’s backers are fuming, they have no one to blame but his campaign. “Rick Santorum’s spokeswoman Alice Stewart said in a TV interview on Monday that Santorum was referring to President Barack Obama’s ‘radical Islamic policies’ when he said the president’s agenda was driven by ‘phony theology’ — but then quickly called up MSNBC after the segment aired to say she misspoke.” Thunk.

Before the far right works itself into a frenzy, it’d be smart to consider Bill McGurn’s wise counsel. “In short, Mr. Santorum must resist the temptation to run for president on ‘Humanae Vitae,’ the 1968 papal encyclical prohibiting artificial contraception. Of late the former Pennsylvania senator has pointed out that, despite his personal views, he has voted for contraceptive funding in the past. Alas, he has also said that artificial contraception is the kind of moral issue he plans to talk about as president. These are important issues. They have large implications for society. . . . A presidential debate, however, is simply not the vehicle for clarifying the coherence of the Catholic Church’s view of human sexuality.”

Republicans are right: Voters are enraged by corporate cronyism. “One year after it began, House Republicans are not letting up in their investigation of the $535 million loan guarantee to the failed solar firm Solyndra. Though the probe has not uncovered evidence of cronyism at the White House, the GOP sees an election-year advantage in pummeling President Obama on Solyndra, and hopes to turn it into a symbol of what they say is a failed administration.”

For a guy who is supposed so hated by Republicans he sure is raising a lot of money from them. “The Romney for President committee spent nearly $18.8 million against more than $6.5 million raised in January, and it reported $7.67 million cash on hand as of the month’s end. . . . Romney’s financial situation is far better than that of Republican rival Newt Gingrich: His campaign tonight reported just $1.8 million in the bank with almost as much debt. Fellow GOP hopeful Rick Santorum, meanwhile, reported $1.47 million cash on hand and $956,701 in debt. Such numbers both underscore the power of Romney’s nationwide fundraising network, which he’s built over the course of more than five years and two presidential runs, and the relative lack of campaign organization dogging both Gingrich and Santorum.”

In contrast to the late-entrant fantasy and the unhinged antipathy toward Romney in the right blogosphere is Ed Morrissey: “It’s just too late [for a white knight]. Do these dissatisfied Republicans want Obama to win? A late entrant would be sure to lose, as all his past missteps would be illuminated at just the right time to benefit Obama. If that is what these discontent GOPers desire, there’s an easier way. They can stay home in November, let Obama win and come back in four years to nominate a hero then. The rest of us will recognize that the GOP frontrunners are solid alternatives to Obama, vote enthusiastically for whoever secures the nomination and support him and the hopefully Republican Congress as they tackle the real work of taming the debt and rebooting the economy.” Indeed.