This is right up there with demon sheep.

This race is going down into the anti-Semitic sewer. “A prominent Arab supporter of New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascrell invoked the ‘Israel firster’ specter over the weekend when he accused the state’s Jewish voters of being more loyal to Israel than America. Aref Assaf, president of the New Jersey-based American Arab Forum, opined Sunday evening in the New Jersey Star-Ledger about a Democratic primary that the state’s pro-Israel community is closely watching. The race pits Rep. Steve Rothman, a veteran pro-Israel stalwart, against Bill Pascrell, a well-liked Democrat who boasts a solid voting base.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is right up there with Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan in terms of raw political talent.

Down to another low. “Rick Santorum In 2008: There’s No Such Thing As A Liberal Christian.” Whether he’s got a theological point or not, do Americans really want to sign up for four years of religious instruction from him?

Soon popping right up in their inboxes will be a warning to all attendees about showing courtesy to all speakers. “President Obama will speak at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference next month, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday.”

Rich Lowry brings the knight-in-shining-armor rooters down to earth. He writes: “If Romney does lose Michigan or Michigan and Arizona, who would be the Republican savior? It would have to be someone who really wants to be president, has a taste for high political risk, and has very little to lose. The party doesn’t seem to have many people with those qualities, or the field would already have been bigger. As for a convention, let’s say Romney leads in delegates but is below 50 percent. Wouldn’t the likeliest outcome in that scenario simply be a Romney-Santorum ticket? To get another candidate, it seems you would need not just a contested convention but one that deadlocks with no way out.”

This probably isn’t right up there at the top of the Romney bumper sticker ideas. “It seems conservative voters would rather chew the fat with a tin-eared former CEO than a scold.” Nevertheless it seems “Last week, Mr. Santorum was winning somewhat conservative voters by 17 points [in Michigan according to the PPP poll]. These voters have since turned to Mr. Romney, likely in part because they’ve been put off by Mr. Santorum’s overt religiosity. A plurality of these voters says that Mr. Romney’s beliefs are most similar to their own and would prefer to have a beer with the former Massachusetts governor (who doesn’t drink alcohol). Until now Mr. Santorum’s greatest asset was his everyman appeal, but his moralizing on ‘family values’ may be wearing on some.”

When you’re down to this sort of blather you’ve lost the argument on the merits. “White House press secretary Jay Carney first says Republicans ‘forced’ President Obama to deny the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Later in his press briefing, Carney says Obama didn’t turn down the pipeline.” I’m surprised he didn’t blame George W. Bush.