Imagine how big a threat to the economy Iran getting the bomb would be. “A military strike by Israel against Iran’s nuclear facilities has emerged as one of the biggest threats to the U.S. economic recovery and could roil the November elections. The Obama administration and economic experts have warned a preemptive attack by Israel could send the economy into a slump, which would change the trajectory of campaigns for the White House and Congress.”

Imagine having to solve that PR problem. “In the midst of a controversy that has engulfed the Center for American Progress (CAP) in allegations of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric, CAP has deployed the services of a Democratic communications firm in order to manage the public-relations fallout. The Washington Free Beacon has learned that associates of the D.C.-based Rabinowitz/Dorf Communications firm, which has a reputation for managing crises inside the Jewish community, have reached out in recent days to reporters on behalf of CAP as the group struggles to respond to charges of anti-Israel bias.”

Imagine how this sort of whining plays in the base. After Wednesday night’s debate “Rick Santorum implied that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney had formed an alliance of some sort intended to take out the biggest threat to Romney’s nomination.”

Imagine how sorry Santorum is now that he backed this guy. “Santorum defended his endorsement [of Sen. Arlen Specter] by saying that Specter told him in a ‘conversation’ that if Santorum supported him, Specter would vote for President Bush’s judicial nominees in his powerful role on the Senate Judiciary Committee. . . . But Specter, now an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s law school, said he ‘never’ made a deal with Santorum. He said Santorum’s defense wasn’t appropriate though it was ‘equal to the attack’ by Romney.” Romney should hope Specter doesn’t endorse him.

Imagine if the media ever started covering the actual race. “The latest Gallup poll among registered voters, not likely voters, has Unstoppable Shoo-in Incumbent President Obama 49 percent, Hopelessly Unelectable Challenger Rick Santorum 48 percent. They also find No, Really, Call Off the Election Now President Obama 46 percent, Uninspiring Boring Out of Touch Rich Guy Mitt Romney 50 percent. Somebody send those voters a memo detailing the media narrative.”

Imagine if global warming wasn’t so unpredictable! Climate change shrunk horses?! “This ancient shrinking horse apparently… got bigger. Hmm. Difficult to explain, I know, and I certainly can’t speak to the science of it. After all, as experts often tell us, a warmer planet will bring severe unpredictability.” (Maybe it’s like putting a wool jacket in the dryer?)

Imagine if Santorum didn’t utter every complaint that came into his head. Peter Wehner knocks him for accusing Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) of being in cahoots: “The reason he did poorly was that fairly or not, Romney in particular nailed him to the ‘Washington Insider’ mast, forcing Santorum to explain his votes on earmarks, Title X, No Child Left Behind, and his support for Arlen Specter. By the time the debate was done, Santorum came across as a typical rather than as a conviction politician. The post-debate hints of Romney-Paul coordination and conspiracy aren’t terribly credible — and even if they were, (a) it wouldn’t be inappropriate and (b) Santorum shouldn’t be the person dropping the hints.”