Economics was never his strong suit. “Santorum: Gas Prices Caused The 2008 Recession.”

Maybe the cultural warrior never had the chops to talk economics. “When Rick Santorum published an op-ed on the economy Monday in the The Wall Street Journal, Mitt Romney treated it as an opportunity to tweak him for his recent focus on cultural and social issues.. . . ‘It’s time for him to really focus on the economy and for you to all say, OK, if the economy is going to be the issue we focus on, who has the experience to actually get this economy going again? . . . Senator Santorum is a nice guy, but he’s never had a job in the private sector.’”

Nice talk, but they never quite get there. “The House’s second-ranking Democrat on Monday said that a bipartisan group of lawmakers from both sides of the Capitol was preparing to begin yet another effort to reach a ‘grand bargain’ on deficit reduction — and that the fruits of negotiations could emerge within weeks.”

Forget the Mitt Romney-Ron Paul conspiracy. It never dawned on Santorum that they are all out to get him. “Newt Gingrich called Rick Santorum a ‘big labor Republican’ who lost his Senate reelection in 2006 for ‘profound reasons.’”

The Obama team never fails to disappoint. “Can there be a group anywhere in the world today more disappointed in United States foreign policy than those fighting the Syrian regime? . . . [Obama’s] policy is so devoid of logic and moral underpinnings that it cannot last much longer. Aid will get to the opposition, if only from Arab states, to counterbalance the massive support coming to Assad from Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia. Sooner or later the United States is likely to encourage, and even supply, help to the opposition. Our moral outrage at the murder of civilians is matched in this case by the strategic gains that will accrue when the only Arab regime allied with Iran and Hezbollah falls. But what a lesson this is teaching to those inclined to challenge dictators elsewhere.” Read the whole thing.

Surprise, surprise: Obama could never have accepted Simpson-Bowles recommendation that spending and taxation be limited to 21 percent of GDP. “Obama rejected Bowles-Simpson because it capped spending and taxes (both revenue and rates) at too low a level for the Big Government future he envisions.”

In this election never underestimate the power of a really rotten debate performance. “Since [the Mesa, Arizona] debate, Gallup national [polling] has gone from +8 Santorum to +4 Romney, a 12 point net swing.”

Never shortchange the benefit of a great wife. “The pros like to argue that political spouses cannot actually help a candidate win an election — only hurt them. The one consistent exception to that argument in this Republican presidential primary may be Ann Romney. From the start of this campaign, Mrs. Romney has been doing her best to help Mitt Romney with one of his bigger liabilities — the impression that he is too technocratic and robotic. Understated, yet confident, Mrs. Romney often introduces her husband with stories that illustrate his human side. One favorite is her description of Mr. Romney’s reaction when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He told her that it didn’t matter if she could no longer cook dinner, that he’d be happy to ‘eat toast’ for the rest of his life, and that ‘together we can still do anything.’ Her tales of raising five boys often get the mothers in the audience clucking and nodding their heads in both sympathy and admiration. Her talent is in relating these stories with a certain authenticity.”