A big haul. “Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum will report raising $9 million in February, a Santorum campaign source told CNN Wednesday.”

A big delusion? “Rick Santorum: Michigan primary a ‘huge win’ for me.”

A big enough tent. “If Michigan proves to be a watershed in the GOP nominating fight — and it might be — Mitt Romney should thank Catholics, women and suburban voters in the eastern part of the state. They helped to give the native son his narrow victory over Rick Santorum, whose focus on social issues in the final days looks to have narrowed his coalition by enough to cost him a victory that could have propelled him to the nomination. If we can judge by his election-night remarks focusing heavily on the economy and the ‘independent’ women in his life, Mr. Santorum realizes his mistake.”

A big race, especially with the retirement of Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine). Republicans are excited about “the survey — by Opinion Dynamics for Mass Insight Global Partnerships of Boston — that places [Republican incumbent Sen. Scott] Brown ahead of [Democratic challenger Elizabeth] Warren 52 to 42 percent, respectively” in neighboring Massachusetts. It is however very early.

A big concern is electability. “There is a wide practical streak among regular Republican voters, and as long as Santorum can’t effectively tap into it his candidacy is going to be limited in its potential.”

A big headache Bill Clinton has always been for President Obama. “Bill Clinton says it’s time to build the Keystone XL pipeline.” He might pop up in a GOP ad or two in the fall.

A big effort at damage control. “The former Pennsylvania senator also sought to repair his image among women voters, who were turned off by some of Santorum’s more incendiary comments in the days leading up to Tuesday’s primary in Michigan and Arizona, where Romney won easily . . . . Asked about the apparent flip on his attitudes toward women by Fox News host Martha MacCallum, Santorum said it was his ‘ethos,’ and he blamed the media creating an anti-woman ‘caricature.’ ”

A big mistake, Jack David says of the North Korea deal. “Wholly apart from the fact that North Korea has dishonored each and every non-proliferation agreement it has made over the years and can be expected not to comply with this agreement as well, its promise to suspend already-illegal activities in one location leaves it completely free to continue them elsewhere. Making a single-site moratorium on North Korea’s nuclear misconduct the central feature of an agreement is astonishingly foolish, even for an administration like President Obama’s that is naturally supine in foreign affairs.”

A big decisiveness problem. “The former Nebraska governor announced today that he would run for U.S. Senate, setting the stage for a competitive election year in Nebraska as Democrats fight to retain the seat and Republicans battle to take it back. [Bob] Kerrey acknowledged that his thought-making process may have been unconventional — he initially said he was out, then said he was in — but he ultimately decided he wanted to be a part of the national debate.”

A big deal that the president and Congress are ignoring. “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned Congress Wednesday it risked taking the nation over a ‘massive fiscal cliff’ at the end of the year. The central bank’s boss warned expiring tax cuts and spending cuts set to be triggered at the end of the year could hurt the economic recovery.”