In case you had any doubt conservative Republican officials want the primaries to wrap up. “Representative Eric Cantor, a Republican from Virginia and the majority leader in the House, endorsed Mitt Romney on Sunday for the Republican presidential nomination, giving the former governor of Massachusetts important backing from a leading lawmaker known for his fiscal conservatism.And another fiscal conservative, Senator Tom Coburn, also gave his backing to the former Massachusetts governor.”

In case you had any doubt Rick Santorum’s accusation that the president is a “snob” for wanting people to go to college was a gaffe. On Fox News Sunday he conceded, “Look, maybe I’ve read some comments where at least it was characterized that the president said we should go to four-year colleges. If I was in error, you said you haven’t found that, I certainly read that… if it was an error, I agree with the president that we should have options for a variety of training.”

In case you had any doubt that entire interview was a bust for Santorum. “Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace put Rick Santorum on the defensive Sunday with pointed questions about his stance on birth control, his insult to President Barack Obama over higher education, and his low record of charitable giving. A visibly flustered Santorum tried to defend and explain some of his previous missteps and inconsistencies ahead of Super Tuesday.”

In case you had any doubt Mitt Romney has demonstrated uncommon decency. On his decision to shut down Bain Capital for several days and launch a rescue operation for a missing girl, Naomi Decter writes: “Now, I’ve been working for a few decades, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have some really nice bosses and colleagues. But I can’t imagine a single one of them going so far just to help me — not to mention having the calm wherewithal to come up with a workable and effective plan.” Read the whole thing.

In case you had any doubt, it’s perfectly legal to launch a preemptive strike on Iran. “Because even a single nuclear weapon can inflict horrific damage and deal a small state like Israel a crippling blow, because of the variety of quick and covert ways Iran and its terrorist proxies have for delivering such a weapon, and because their brand of radical Islam undercuts the assumptions on which our cold war models of deterrence rest, Israel’s right of self-defense extends to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Under international law, the right of self-defense encompasses a right to assist others to defend themselves. Israel’s vulnerability to surprise and devastating attack by a nuclear-armed Iran and its terrorist partners permits the United States, whose capacities to search out and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities considerably exceed those of Israel, to also lawfully use force to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

In case you had any doubt, Obama’s pandering to single women voters is only getting started. “President Obama will address the graduates of Barnard College at this year’s commencement, The Hill has confirmed. Obama will deliver the keynote address at the women’s college in New York on May 14.”

In case you had any doubt, Santorum is expecting a bad day. “Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum set out on Sunday to moderate expectations for his performance in Ohio and other super Tuesday contests, despite the state’s electorate that appears to be designed for his candidacy. . . . Santorum insisted that the Ohio primary would be an uphill battle, despite the state’s blue collar, rural and evangelical populations.” And it’s next door to his home state too.