Embarrassing. “A former unpaid intern for the ‘Charlie Rose’ show has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Rose and his production company, accusing them of violating New York State wage laws by not paying the show’s interns for the work they performed.”

Awkward. “In an interview with El Vocero newspaper, [Rick] Santorum said he supported Puerto Ricans’ right to self-determination regarding the island's political status . . . . But Santorum said he did not support a state in which English was not the primary language . . . . However, the U.S. Constitution does not designate an official language, nor is there a requirement that a territory adopt English as its primary language in order to become a state. . . . Santorum’s statement may fall flat with Puerto Rican Republicans, who have always argued that issues of language and culture should be controlled by state governments and not the federal government.” Oh well, it’s only 23 delegates.

Major faux pas. “ ‘Tax’ dodge boomerangs on Obama in healthcare case.”

Suspicious. “A day after George Allen rejected Tim Kaine’s proposal to keep anonymous donors out of Virginia’s Senate race, a group of Democratic consultants have formed a Super PAC to assist the former DNC chair. But they say the timing is totally coincidental and the PAC has been in the works since American Crossroads began targeting Kaine.”

Uncomfortable math for Santorum. ABC News: “Even on a night when he placed third in two key GOP state contests and won two smaller ones, Mitt Romney was victorious in the one area that really counts — the delegate race. And don’t let Rick Santorum’s admonitions that math doesn’t matter fool you. Romney is still well on pace — if he maintains current momentum — to win the nomination. When you look at the race from a national perspective, more Republicans by a long shot have voted for Romney. And his delegate totals surpass all of his rivals combined.” Kinda like we’ve been saying, huh?

Shameful. “The Department of Veterans Affairs has promised to rush student veterans tuition and rent payments promised under the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill after BuzzFeed reported last week that severe bureaucratic delays had pushed young veterans toward bankruptcy and eviction. The VA said in a statement that it would get veterans their backlogged benefits within 7 to 10 business days.”

Suspicious. “Roughly a dozen GOP senators are pressing the IRS about whether Tea Party organizations are receiving closer scrutiny than other groups seeking tax-exempt status. The letter to the IRS from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and other Republican senators comes after complaints from Tea Party organizations that the tax-collecting agency has burdened them with broad information requests.”

Cringe. Charles Murray throws the Koch brothers under the bus. “Summarizing, . . . [the Cato Institute] was formed in 1976 with an unusual arrangement whereby the founders received shares in the organization. After the recent death of Bill Niskanen, the Kochs are arguing in court that his shares should be returned to Cato, thereby leaving the Kochs with two-thirds of the shares and Ed Crane with one-third. I have no idea who is right legally. It’s the moral issue that baffles me. How can Charles and David Koch, who are both devoted to classic Lockean conceptions of freedom and property, think they have a moral right to the control of Cato as of 2012?” Ouch.