No surprise there. “Dollars and endorsements shifting toward Romney.”

No surprise there. “The chairman of the Democratic policy committee recalled Wednesday how ‘proud’ he was to stand by Barack Obama two years ago when the president signed healthcare reform into law. Obama’s a no show on the law’s second anniversary, but Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) says he’s fine with that.”

No surprise there. “After interviewing many people with direct knowledge of internal government thinking, however, I’m highly confident that Netanyahu isn’t bluffing — that he is in fact counting down to the day when he will authorize a strike against a half-dozen or more Iranian nuclear sites.”

No surprise there. Michael Barone has an interesting take on the Illinois exit polls. “ Romney, as usual, carries Catholics, with 53% of the vote. Partly this reflects the fact that Catholic Republican primary voters tend to live in the upscale suburbs, where Romney’s appeal has consistently been strongest. But I think there may be another factor. Rick Santorum lives a lifestyle that was typical of many Irish Catholics in the 1950s. And sometimes he seems to be trying to convert us to that lifestyle, as when he volunteered in that interview last October that contraception ‘is not okay.’ But most American Catholics don’t [live] that lifestyle today. You have to be pretty old to remember, as I do, when there were multiple Catholic families on the block with seven or eight children.”

No surprise that most of the media ignored this very important Supreme Court case. “The Supreme Court has sided with an Idaho couple in a property rights case, ruling they can go to court to challenge an Environmental Protection Agency order that blocked construction of their new home and threatened fines of more than $30,000 a day.Wednesday’s decision is a victory for Mike and Chantell Sackett, whose property near a scenic lake has sat undisturbed since the EPA ordered a halt in work in 2007. The agency said part of the property was a wetlands that could not disturbed without a permit.In an opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia, the court rejected EPA’s argument that allowing property owners quick access to courts to contest orders like the one issued to the Sacketts would compromise the agency’s ability to deal with water pollution.” What’s more, it was 9-0.

No surprise there. “Paul Ryan’s ‘Path to Prosperity’ is a bold challenge to the Obama administration, a team that has fewer good economic ideas than any bunch since Herbert Hoover and Messrs. Smoot and Hawley abandoned free-markets and tipped the nation into a Great Depression. When Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was challenged on the administration’s failure to make even small strides towards dealing with the nation’s fiscal woes, his response was, ‘We’re not coming before you to say we have a definitive solution to our long-term problem. What we do know is we don’t like yours.’ It’s not just in foreign policy that the Obama administration ‘leads from behind.’”

No surprise there. “A lot of millionaires likely would find legal ways to avoid President Barack Obama’s so-called Buffett Rule, according to a new congressional estimate. That means the proposed new tax on the wealthy would raise only a relatively small amount for the deficit-plagued government, and could diminish its heft as a political weapon in 2012. . . . In fact, the rule would generate only about $47 billion in extra revenues over the next decade.” They’ll be so many disappointed lefty bloggers.

No surprise there. President Obama is mute on Vladimir Putin’s human rights record, but Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is not: “The regime continues to monopolize power, with corruption entrenched throughout the entire government structure and reaching far into the economy and the general society. Moscow persecutes human rights activists and the political opposition, including banning parties, forcibly breaking up rallies, and jailing and beating those who dare to defy it. Several perceived enemies have actually been killed, even murdered, as one of our witnesses will recount today.”