If we can’t stop Asma al-Assad from shopping how are we going to stop her husband from murdering?

President Obama can’t stop his rote condescension of our small allies, can he?

If you stop and think about Rick Santorum’s comment that we might as well stick with President Obama, that’s reason enough for him to get out of the race. Mitt Romney goes to town: “We need to have a Republican president. Just think about the selections of the Supreme Court Justices that a conservative would put in place. Think about the energy policies that I and other conservatives would put in place. Think about repealing Obamacare, which I would do and other Republicans would do. Think about lowering taxes and getting our economy growing to create jobs again that I and other Republicans would carry out. We have a very different agenda than President Obama. And I’m just afraid that Rick has become so wrapped up in his campaign that he thinks it is about a person. This campaign, this election, is not about one person. It is about the direction for our country.” Ouch. (Now he says, “Never mind”?)

Can the pundits stop blathering about a GOP turnout problem now? “GOP voters are now turning out in consistently higher numbers than they did in 2008. In addition, in the most competitive Republican contests held this year, turnout is up almost universally, with just a couple exceptions. Turnout is up in all four states that have held major contests since Super Tuesday — Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Illinois — and is up overall in eight of 12 contests held this month for which there was a comparable contest held four years ago.” So Romney isn’t a turn-off, after all?

Santorum should stop. Just stop. His gloom-and-doom message aimed at petrifying voters has become a self-parody.

Larry Kudlow tells conservatives to stop grousing about Romney. “On the night of his big Illinois victory, Romney offered a moral exposition of the merits of economic freedom and free-enterprise business. And all the while, he mockingly referred to Professor Obama, who has no clue about what makes business tick. Romney railed against overregulation, noting that Obama’s regulators would have shut down the Wright brothers for their ‘dust pollution.’ He said the Obama government ‘would have banned Thomas Edison’s light bulb,’ adding, ‘Oh. That’s right. They just did.’”

A plea to stop slandering Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis): “The spectacle does clarify things, however. It reminds us that the Beltway culture is so cynical and immature and toxic that it is almost impossible to debate America’s deadbeat finances in a reasoned and moderate manner. The annual trashing of Ryan and his plan also allows Americans to see who is actually interested in addressing our long-term entitlement crisis in a manner consistent with America’s traditions of limited government, and who is more absorbed in petty bickering, ritualized Republican-beating, and kicking the panhandler’s can down the road. And so we will know exactly whom to blame when the crisis arrives: The Democrats and media who did nothing while the moment of opportunity slipped away.”

When do you think Democrats will stop trying to convince us they think Obamacare is political winner for them? “So I made the point the other day that the anniversary is not something that the President is going to have an event around, but it is quite clearly a major accomplishment for him and for the administration, for the Congress — one that was the result of literally a century’s worth of effort by leaders in Washington, and which has resulted in already the benefits that I numerated in answer to a previous question.” But yet no victory lap, huh?