Rick Santorum revels in his own shellacking in 2006. “And it was a great, in many respects for me, a great gift to get away, to separate out, to get back and involved in the private sector. I had a little distance from Washington to see what was going on.” But what about, you know, the country?

For grumpy conservatives they can at least celebrate the potential for a V.P. they adore. “House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Sunday left the door open to becoming his party’s vice-presidential candidate. ‘I just don’t know the answer to your question,’ he said on Fox News Sunday when asked if he would accept a request to be the vice-presidential candidate. . . . ‘I would have to consider it, but it is not something I am even thinking about right now. Our job is Congress is pretty important.’” I’ll take that as a “yes.”

Three cheers for realism. “Barbour: Romney the nominee unless he ‘steps on a land mine.’”

Whatever their views on Israel, those who are intellectually honest should applaud Rick Richman’s obliteration of Peter Beinart’s shabby and ill-researched screed against Israel: “The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg not only rejected the boycott, but wrote ‘I am not that interested in debating Peter’s new book, which I’ve just finished reading, because I find his recounting of recent Middle East history one-sided and filled with errors and omissions.’ Having just finished it myself, I can confirm the errors and omissions in Beinart’s 196-page text could fill a book. One of the most stunning error/omissions — it falls in both categories — is Mr. Beinart’s mistaken reliance on a 1910 essay by Vladimir Jabotinsky, which Mr. Beinart used to support his theory that ‘the reason is simple’ why Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t trust Barack Obama (whom Mr. Beinart calls ‘the Jewish President’): ‘Obama reminds Netanyahu what Netanyahu doesn’t like about Jews.’ ”

The incivility festivities on Twitter are no longer a surprise. “While Dick Cheney was recovering from his heart transplant in the intensive care unit of Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Va., Saturday, Twitter exploded with hate and ill wishes for the former vice president.”

The Romney-haters should delight in the knowledge that Romney’s views on Medicare are virtually identical to Ryan’s. Yuval Levin: “The most profound transformations of the welfare state in the Ryan budget, however, are directed to the federal programs most responsible for our current fiscal straits and for our coming debt disaster: our health care entitlement programs. Conservatives are in the habit of seeing reductions in domestic discretionary spending as the gold standard of reining in government, but in fact health-entitlement spending is the essence of the problem to be solved, and to a degree that few Americans appreciate.”

Democrats should hail the honesty, if nothing else. Josh Kraushaar says Obama is dragging his feet on gay marriage because of the the African-American vote. “The conventional wisdom has been that supporting gay marriage would alienate blue-collar whites, and that’s been the main reason he’s been hesitant to come out in favor before the general election. But in this case, it’s a crucial element of his own base that’s preventing the president from taking bolder steps to advance a cause that he seems to believe in, but hasn’t publicly embraced. It’s as much about politics as principle.”