Schadenfreude alert. “There’s a reason liberals are freaking out about the Supreme Court this week. If part or all of the health-care reform law is thrown out, a central goal of the progressive project will have been dealt a possibly fatal setback. The dream of universal health care — pursued for decades, frustrated again and again — that seemed finally to have come to fruition in 2009 will have been derailed before it could even be fully implemented. For liberals and their allies, it will be a crushing blow from which there is no easily foreseeable recovery.”

Pax Americana alert. “Over the course of a campaign that has mainly skirted foreign-policy issues, Mr. Romney has backed remaining in Afghanistan until the U.S. can claim victory there. He has promised to boost military spending and to increase the size of the Navy. He has accused Mr. Obama of failing to stand up to Iran’s nuclear threat and undermining U.S. ties to Israel. The core of his argument is that he would restore the nation to world leadership and protect its exceptional role in international affairs, which he says have dissipated under Mr. Obama.”

Apocalypse alert. “Obamaville is a place where all the women are terrified, all the men are oppressed, and all the gas prices are above average. It’s the setting of the most popular Rick Santorum commercial of all time; half a million YouTube clicks for a video set in a dark, dramatically edited 2014. Santorum isn’t the first candidate to try to scare Americans into voting for him.” Just among the least effective.

Fiat justitia (let justice be done) alert. “Randy Barnett, the Georgetown law professor who has bravely pushed the legal arguments against Obamacare with bulldog tenacity for two years, summed up what has been a good week for the law’s critics: ‘After these arguments, if the Court strikes down the Affordable Care Act, no one in the country will be surprised.’ Indeed, if it happens, a majority of Americans will be relieved. And the battle over putting back some serious curbs on Congress’s ability to run roughshod over the Constitution will then begin in earnest.”

Tête-à-tête alert. “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney confirmed reports Thursday that he and Newt Gingrich met secretly in New Orleans the day before the Louisiana primary.”

Chutzpah alert. “Democrats have a plan if Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida becomes the first Hispanic on a national ticket: wage a policy battle over immigration.” Doing absolutely nothing to further comprehensive immigration reform for the years, Democrats now obviously regard the issue as nothing more than a divisive election tool.

Et tu Brute alert. “Popular Boston Mayor Tom Menino — an influential Democrat many have credited with bringing the party’s convention to his hometown in 2004 — told WBZ this week that he wasn’t taking sides in Massachusetts’s high-profile Senate race. But Menino’s reluctance to put the weight of his campaign operation behind Harvard professor and consumer rights activist Elizabeth Warren is a tough blow for the Democrat, who is hoping to upset incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown.”