That could be arranged. “Poll: Egyptians want aid from Iran, Turkey, not U.S.”

That may not be Rick Santorum’s attitude. “If Mitt Romney wins the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, the race for the GOP presidential nomination is essentially over, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Sunday.”

That, it seems is Santorum’s explanation for backing Big Labor. “In my 16-year career of representing two of the heaviest labor districts in the country and a state of Pennsylvania, which is a heavy labor district, my voting record with labor was 13 percent. I did — along with almost 70 other senators — vote to have a federal change in the right to work statute because I represented Pennsylvania which was not a right to work state. But, Governor Romney well knows when I announced I was running for president, I said I would sign a national right to work. I talk about it in the debate. He seems to ignore that fact, that, you know, now I was running for president. I’m not representing the state anymore, who had the interest in keeping the laws the way it was, that I was representing what I thought was best for the country and that’s why I’m taking that position.” Why wasn’t it in Pennsylvania’s interest to move to a right-to-work system? Not a very conservative viewpoint for Santorum.

That already happened, actually. “Mitt Romney is on the cusp of taking firm control of the Republican nominating contest for the first time, neutralizing his most powerful critics and rallying a broad spectrum of conservatives behind him as party leaders grow increasingly eager to take on President Obama.”

That could change if he loses his home state, I suspect. “Rick Santorum said Sunday he would not drop out of the Republican presidential primary until his rival Mitt Romney captures the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.”

That is just a taste of what we can expect. “Howard Dean, former Democratic National Committee chairman and 2004 presidential candidate, tried to defend President Obama from the prospect of the Supreme Court overturning Obamacare by maligning the integrity of the justices (two of whom Obama appointed). Dean thinks it’s possible the court could strike down the entire health care law, not just the individual mandate, so he is trying to portray the Supreme Court as antagonistic to the president in advance.”

That liberal press really has it in for her, huh? “Sarah Palin to Co-Host ‘Today’ Show.”

That would be a first. “Down in the Lone Star State, while it may be too soon to get our hopes up, it appears that a ray of sanity based sunshine may be breaking through the clouds of progressive political obfuscation surrounding the issue of natural gas drilling. And it didn’t even take a court to enforce it. In one pending case involving alleged contamination of ground water by energy exploration efforts, the EPA has backed out of a lawsuit and said that their claims cannot be backed up by the evidence. They also signaled that they will revisit at least two more similar cases before deciding whether or not to proceed.”