President Obama retreats, embarrassing his spinners. “President Barack Obama on Tuesday eased his rhetoric on the Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on health care reform but repeated his belief that the justices should follow legal precedent and uphold the law’s constitutionality. His remarks in response to a question at a media luncheon followed criticism by conservatives that the president had leveled a political salvo at the high court a day earlier when commenting on last week’s hearings on the 2010 Affordable Care and Prevention Act.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reaffirms our bond with Israel and dings Obama. “‘There should be unambiguous policies standing for Israel,’ Christie said. ‘The problems Israel is facing cannot be solved without unambiguous American commitment to Israeli security and prosperity. Our partnership with Israel is not based on generosity but because they have earned our support. “Rather than use cute words and phrases, our commitment to Israel should be unambiguous and easily understood. If the world shows that solidarity, peace will be easier to achieve, not harder.’”

A new poll reiterates that Obama has lost ground with American Jews, 78 percent of whom voted for him in 2008. Now, 62 percent support Obama. Among the GOP candidates Mitt Romney is by far the most popular among Jews, with 58 percent. Rick Santorum gets a paltry 15 percent — was it something(s) he said?

The Associated Press’s outgoing chairman reminds us with a slobbering introduction how in-the-tank so many mainstream journalists are for the president. “He pursued domestic and foreign-policy agendas that were controversial to many, highlighted by his signature into law of the most comprehensive health care legislation in history. And the budget plans proposed by the President on the one hand, and Republicans on the other hand, aren’t even on the same planet.”

We can barely recollect when he was about post-partisanship. “Obama: Ryan Budget Would Make Weather Forecasts Less Accurate.” Pathetic, actually.

Obama’s over-the-top partisanship reinforces Republicans’ view that he can’t run on his record. “The GOP, to its credit, is presenting a budget that is equal to this moment. It is bold, reasonable, and courageous — everything Obama is not. Unable to defend his record and seemingly unable to articulate a governing vision, the president has become desperate and demagogic, an unusually small man in an unusually small party. And it’s only just begun.”

Obama needs a refresher on constitutional law, to be sure. “[T]he Supreme Court itself, in the case known as Marbury v. Madison, spelled out the logic of judicial review. We’ve always felt it was important to note that the Court’s authority does not stem from the Court’s own assertion of its own powers. It is deeper down, in the writings of the Founders themselves, and part of the American bedrock. It exists at the Federal level and in the constitutions of the states. The idea of separated powers was first put down in plain language in our laws in the constitution of Massachusetts, which noted that the aim was to have a government of laws rather than of men. It is a mark of our cynical age that Mr. Obama would challenge these assumptions. One can attribute the error of judgment to the fear that once the Court gets its back up and decides to hold the Congress to the powers that are enumerated in the Constitution, it’s not just Obamacare that is in danger but the whole regime of runaway power in Washington.”