Ruthie Blum demolishes the left, which rushed to defend German poet Gunter Grass’s anti-Israel screed. “The real issue is that anti-Semitism is not only alive and well among the radical Islamists; it has returned in full swing among European intellectuals. Proof of this lies in the openness with which Gunter Grass printed utterances that were, for a time, considered taboo. Further evidence is [Salman] Rushdie’s ability to back him up, via social networking, no less.”

Daniel Gordis demolishes Peter Beinart. “Beinart’s problem isn’t really with Israel. It’s with Judaism. Bottom line, what troubles Beinart isn’t what’s happened to Zionism. What troubles him is the dimension of Jewish life that he can’t abide, but of which Zionism insists on reminding him. And that element is the undeniable fact that Judaism is tribal. . . . In the universalized Judaism for which Beinart yearns, however, there would be no place for Israel. Jews would not need a refuge, for they would fit in everywhere. They would not reside in the Middle East, for the creation of the Jewish state (like the creation of every other state) required the displacement of people. So the only way for this basically-unnecessary-Israel to be tolerable is for it to be perfect.” Read the whole thing.

Ann Romney, who has struggled against cancer and multiple sclerosis, demolishes the “war on women” Democratic stunt along with the “Romney doesn’t know suffering” meme. “‘Look, I know what it’s like to struggle,’ said Mrs. Romney, who has battled multiple sclerosis. ‘Maybe I haven’t struggled as much financially as some people have. I can tell you and promise you that I have struggled in my life.’ She continued, ‘Mitt and I have compassion for people that are struggling, and that’s why we’re running.’” Game, set, match. (Not the Politico headline the White House wanted:(“Dems on defense in war over women.”)

The flap also demolishes what is left of Jay Carney’s credibility. “White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday that he could not comment on how many times Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen had been to the West Wing because — he knows not one, but three Hilary Rosens.As Team Obama tried to distance itself from comments made by Rosen, who said that Ann Romney ‘never worked a day in her life,’ Carney, in an odd twist, told reporters that he could not verify how many times she had been to the White House because he knows a trio of women with the same name.” Really? That’s the bet they’ve got?

Pundits help the Romney team demolish the Buffett rule gimmick. “A spokeswoman for Mr. Romney, Andrea Saul, said: ‘In the 4th year of his term, President Obama has made no serious effort to reduce our country’s debt and deficits. Now, in an election year, he is using transparent political gimmicks to try and distract Americans from their failure to control spending and put Americans back to work. Instead of the ‘Buffett Rule,’ the real issue is the ‘Obama Rule,’ which is President Obama’s plan to raise taxes on American families and small businesses to grow government and stifle free enterprise.’” Just about everyone agrees the Buffett rule is a pathetic gimmick.

Pro-life groups demolish the notion the base won’t rally to Romney. “Now that Rick Santorum has withdrawn from the Republican nomination race, Mitt Romney’s challenge will be to unify the party quickly. He got plenty of help last night from Hilary Rosen, who attacked Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom and created a neymassive reaction among conservatives rallying to defend her. [Thursday], two key conservative groups announced endorsements for Romney in a move that may help stoke momentum for the all-but-certain nominee. First, the conservative women’s group and fundraising organization Susan B. Anthony List came out with a strong message of support. . . . The National Right to Life PAC also announced their endorsement of Romney, and drew stark contrasts between the Republican nominee and the Democratic incumbent.”

North Korea’ rocket launch demolishes Obama’s diplomatic strategy. “The rocket launch defies two United Nations Security Council resolutions that prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles. It also breaks a promise North Korean leaders made to U.S. leaders in Beijing at the end of February.”

Cliff May demolishes the happy talk about the Arab Spring. “The term ‘Arab Spring’ was born of optimism, not analysis. When a downtrodden fruit monger in Tunisia self-immolated, setting off a series of regional upheavals, many journalists, diplomats and academics thought they heard an echo of the Prague Spring of 1968. . . . Islamists are calling this stormy new season the Nahda, Arabic for renaissance which is French for rebirth — in this case, they believe, a rebirth of global Islamic power. Khairat Al-Shater, the Deputy Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood . . . [described it } this way: ‘The mission is clear: restoring Islam in its all-encompassing conception; subjugating people to God; instituting the religion of God; the Islamization of life, empowering of God’s religion; establishing the Nahda of the Ummah [Muslim nation] on the basis of Islam.’”