That’ll impress a lot of people. “The White House is threatening to veto an effort by House Republicans to cut taxes for millions of smaller businesses, calling it an unproductive giveaway to many of the country’s most profitable companies.” Thunk.

Get the impression they talked themselves into a premature victory celebration? “Obama remains ahead in his race with Romney—but just barely. So why are the president’s surrogates sounding so overconfident?”

I’m not impressed with these Iran talks either. “Israeli PM Netanyahu labeled the outcome of the talks a ‘freebie’ for Iran. He was too kind. The talks were a victory for Iran, and a humiliation for the Obama administration, and its hapless “please meet with me” delegation. The thin-skinned president was angry and slapped back at Netanyahu, yet another sign he’s playing Iran’s game for them. But that doesn’t mean the Israelis have to play along: Today, Defense Minister Barak told Israeli Army Radio that Israel has made no commitment not to strike Iran while talks are going on.”

Obama wants to impress us with his opposition to domestic energy development. “The White House on Tuesday said Obama would veto legislation before the U.S. House of Representatives that sought to force approval of the stalled Keystone XL oil pipeline as part of a new 90-day extension of federal transportation funding.”

If you were momentarily impressed with Senate Democrats, you can no go back to being disgusted. “Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) bowed to pressure from fellow Democrats on Tuesday and postponed a committee vote on a 2013 budget resolution, most likely until after the November elections.” What exactly is the argument for keeping them in the majority?

Conservatives should be impressed with the idea about eliminating all or some of HUD. “Sometimes HUD just perpetuates or supports bad local policies, but it also attaches coercive powers to the billions in subsidies that it provides to local governments — it’s tough for local governments to say no to, say, a $20 million grant to build an affordable-housing project, but HUD often provides a range of pointless or downright harmful requirements for such projects.” It’s also been an agency historically rife with fraud and abuse.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has impressed the blue state voters. “Currently, Governor Christie earns a 51% approve to 35% disapprove job rating among all Garden State residents.”