You can judge him by the enemies he makes.“Moderate American Muslims exist . . . And it’s not that hard to find them. Just see who CAIR and MPAC (the Muslim Public Affairs Council) are denouncing.This week, they are after Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Senator Mitch McConnell has appointed Dr. Jasser to serve on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, and this has sent the most prominent Muslim American organizations to the barricades. A dishonest character-assassination campaign has been launched against Jasser, urging Muslims to protest the appointment.”

If you judge the chances high that the Supreme Court will strike down Obamacare, this seems smart. “House Republicans are working to create a legislative blueprint they can sell to voters after the Supreme Court rules on Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the nation’s most sweeping healthcare legislation since Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s.”

Judge for yourself if Mitt Romney is playing the “victim card” or just hitting back. “Ralph Reed, the founder and leader of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said social conservatives will see themselves in the campaign’s picture of Ann Romney. Reed said [Hilary] Rosen’s comments, regardless of her lack of official affiliation with Obama’s campaign, will be tough for Obama to live down because ‘it allows Ann to play the victim, because it was so over the top, because it was so sweeping in its condemnation.’ He added: ‘The fact is, women who make a particular choice were denigrated, and Ann and Mitt Romney leaped to their defense. That’s the salient issue.’”

It’s fair to judge Obama’s passive foreign policy a failure. He sure has emboldened our foes. “Chinese and Russian naval forces have begun six days of joint exercises in the Yellow Sea off China’s eastern coast, Chinese state media report.”

You judge if President Obama did what he said he would on the economy. “At roughly 2.5 percent growth, the Obama recovery is way below the 4.5 percent average since World War II. And within Obama’s 2.5 percent economy, polling data show high voter anxiety over gas prices, home values, and the ability to pay mortgages. Voters even worry that they won’t be able to afford to send their kids to college. The unemployment rate may have come down to 8.3 percent. But the problem for several years is that discouraged workers have been dropping out of the labor force. So real-world unemployment is considerably higher than the official stats.”

You judge if it is fair for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta him to run up a bill to the tune of $800,000 visiting his family in Carmel, Calif., when defense cuts are putting more strain on military families that sure would like to see their loved ones more often. Top Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod told CNN “he understands people are concerned about government spending at a time of economic insecurity, but said he doesn’t think people will ‘begrudge’ the defense secretary.”

The Romney team is imploring us to follow Axelrod’s advice and judge the president on his record. “President Obama’s chief strategist believes the American people will judge the President based on his record in office. We agree. With nearly 23 million Americans still struggling to find work, skyrocketing gas prices, and debt and deficits piling higher every year, Americans can’t afford another four years of President Obama’s record.” Notice how more often than not these days Axelrod’s appearances become fodder or Romney?