Facts are no barrier to President Obama’s reelection campaign. Brit Hume defending Mitt Romney: “Well I don’t think you have to have any real basis for saying that Mitt Romney wouldn’t have [ordered Osama bin Laden’s assassination] if you look at the full context of the Romney remarks that he cited. They were — he was — Romney was basically saying that an obsession with bin Laden shouldn’t be all there is to the war on terror. That it’s a broader struggle against many organizations and you need to — you need to keep that in mind.”

In fact Chinese human rights atrocities have never been as plentiful. “The Chinese government clamped down on activists and online media in the wake of the dramatic escape of a blind human-rights advocate from home imprisonment, an embarrassing development for Beijing that could complicate U.S.-China relations if he is found to be in U.S. protective custody.”

As a matter of fact (maybe the New York Times hasn’t noticed?), Romney’s been rather critical of Obama on human rights. “Mitt Romney weighed in on the looming diplomat crisis between the United States and China, calling on Sunday for the Obama administration to ‘take every measure’ to protect a blind dissident and his family after his daring escape from house arrest last week. Mr. Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, did not directly criticize the administration’s handling on the case, but said that the fate of the dissident, Chen Guangcheng, underscored the need for unflinching American support for human rights in China.”

In fact we should be spending less on student loans. “Year in, year out, Washington bestows tuition aid on students and their families. Year in, year out, the cost of tuition surges, galloping well ahead of inflation. And year in, year out politicians vie to outdo each other in promising still more public subsidies that will keep higher education within reach of all. Does it never occur to them that there might be a cause-and-effect relationship between the skyrocketing aid and the skyrocketing price of a college education? That all those grants and loans and tax credits aren’t containing the fire, but fanning it? Apparently not.”

Sometimes fact matches fiction and fairy tales come true. “Kate Middleton, the commoner who saved the queen.”

Max Boot makes the case that in fact Obama has been a wimpy commander in chief. He catalogues Obama’s actions on North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, Russia and defense spending. “These are hardly the actions of a hawkish commander-in-chief. (At least in my view as a Romney defense adviser.) Yet the reality of Obama’s foreign and defense policy, which especially because of the death of bin Laden has turned notably more dovish, has been obscured by the president’s attempt to focus most of the public’s attention on his drone strikes and commando raids on al-Qaeda.”

In fact it is impossible to have constructive relationship with the Chinese if we appease them on human rights. “A top White House aide on Sunday said President Barack Obama wants to strike an ‘appropriate balance’ between advancing human rights and maintaining U.S. relations with China, the first public comments by the administration on its potential involvement in harboring a Chinese activist on the eve of diplomatic talks between the two world powers.” For Obama that “balance” has consistently meant putting human rights last.