A disgrace. “Journalist Naomi Schaefer Riley was “denounced, branded a ‘white privileged’ racist, while her employer, the Chronicle of Higher Education, was being petitioned to fire her. Her supposed crime was critiquing the quality of some highly-touted black studies PhD scholars and dissertations and questioning their relevance. Today the scandal grows as Riley’s editors have taken the cowardly step of firing her. Chronicle editor Liz McMillan’s ‘note to readers’ explaining the publication’s decision perfectly encapsulates the totalitarianism of left-wing academia.” Read the whole thing.

A rock-star in decline. “Barack Obama — with no record he can defend and no governing vision he can describe — may soon be left with nothing but boring stories of glory days.”

A deadly (politically speaking) comparison. “With the victory of the Socialist candidate, François Hollande, in the French presidential election, the White House has lost one of its closest allies on the Continent, but perhaps gained one with economic policy beliefs more closely aligned with its own.” Ouch.

Obama’s gay marriage muddle is proving to be debilitating, at least for his hapless press secretary. “I think it’s important to note, as I attempted to do yesterday, that what is abundantly clear is this President’s firm commitment to the protection of and securing of the same rights and obligations for LGBT citizens as other Americans enjoy. He has been a strong proponent of LGBT rights, and I think that’s demonstrated by his record, which is unparalleled, as President in support of those rights.” Whatever.

Biden is certainly a distraction. “Jessica Yellen on Joe Biden with the White House: ‘He causes headaches.’”

After Greece, the deluge? “U.S. stocks sank Tuesday, although the major indexes closed off session lows, as Greece’s uncertain political situation keeps investors on edge.”

Elizabeth Warren’s prospects deteriorating. “Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) called on Democrat Elizabeth Warren to release her law school applications and faculty personnel files on Tuesday, escalating a controversy over her claim to Native American heritage and whether she used that claim to boost her career.”

Being delinquent on formulating an immigration stance is a problem for Romney. “RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán fumbled when asked to defend likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s views on immigration, which were hit by some Republicans and observers during the primary as being too extreme and a liability in the general election. ‘I think as a candidate, to my understanding, he’s still deciding what his position on immigration is,’ Inclán said. ‘So I can’t talk about what his proposal is going to be because I don’t know.’”