Bird espionage? “Ankara investigating possibility that bee-eater was ‘implanted with Mossad surveillance device’; Israeli wildlife officials say accusation ridiculous.”

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will not attempt to strip Republicans of their power to filibuster before the November election but is leaving open the possibility if Democrats hang on to the Senate.” He may very well need that filibuster if Democrats lose the Senate and Mitt Romney is elected; All the liberal pundits will then cheer this fine tradition.

A dead duck. What is deceased water fowl? Or Chris Matthews on Jeopardy!

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) is happy as a lark while Elizabeth Warren self-destructs over her Native American heritage claims. “The Senate race in Massachusetts has centered on questions about Warren’s disputable 1/32 Cherokee heritage for nearly two weeks now.”

Dems are watching the Obama campaign like a hawk, and aren’t happy with what they see. “There are, in the view of many Democratic pros, far too many other examples of the Obama campaign making a hash of fairly straightforward political matters. . . . Because we have been told for so long that Team Obama is the very model of the modern campaign operation, we have come to sort of believe it. In reality, they’ve been surprisingly inept since they set up shop last year.” Hmm, sort of like what we said yesterday.

President Obama’s record on Syria should be an albatross around his neck and a blotch on his record. The results of his do-nothing-serious strategy are appalling: “Syrian government forces continue to attack opposition forces, civilians, and aid volunteers, preventing the international community from getting emergency aid to the Syrian people, USAID has detailed in a series of internal reports obtained by The Cable. . . . Overall, the USAID report concluded that there had been at least 9,000 civilian deaths in Syria as of March 27, according to U.N. figures, although the current number is likely higher. There are between 300,000 and 500,000 internally displaced Syrians, according to the report, 610,000 estimated refuges inside Syria, and approximately 66,000 Syrian refuges who have fled to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.”

An effective economic approach is as scarce as hen’s teeth in the Obama administration. “Remember when Obama was railing on about ‘the tax-break for corporate jets,’ during the debt-ceiling fights of 2011? He repeatedly invoked this ‘tax break,’ which was really about how some corporate jets were depreciated over five years instead of seven. The message was clear: Republicans are in bed with corporate-jet owners. His loyal legions on the Left joined the chant. But [Tuesday], Obama’s export-subsidy chief promised a billion dollars in taxpayer-backed subsidies for corporate jets. . . . It also is a perfect microcosm of Obama’s approach to industry: Tax them more, regulate them more, and subsidize them more. As little as possible should be done outside the reach of government.”

Democrats have been like ostriches with their heads in the sand. “Obama’s campaign has been throwing the kitchen sink at Romney lately, taking advantage of the Washington Post story portraying him as a high school bully and airing ads casting him as a heartless capitalist — yet his favorable numbers haven’t yet suffered. It’s a reminder that Romney’s numbers were being held down earlier by conservatives who hadn’t yet warmed to him as the nominee in the middle of the primary fight. Now that they’re on board, Obama and Romney look to be on similarly favorable footing.”