Could be that Republicans will do just fine in House races. “For the first time during this campaign cycle, the GOP has an advantage in congressional elections. By 50%-44%, those surveyed say they’re likely to vote for the Republican congressional candidate. The two parties were tied in the USA TODAY Poll in February, and Democrats had a 7-point advantage last August.”

Could be applicable to President Obama, too. “A government may survive unpopularity, apathy, even scandal, but ridicule is another matter. Yet this is the present, sorry predicament that David Cameron’s government finds itself in.”

And could be that Mitt Romney’s favorables aren’t really an issue for him. “Since becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, Romney’s favorable-unfavorable rating has jumped to 50%-41%, his best ever and in the same neighborhood as Obama’s 52%-46% standing. The former Massachusetts governor gets stronger ratings than the president when it comes to handling the economy, the issue likely to drive the campaign.”

Could be there was more crony capitalism than Republicans ever imagined. “Three years ago, President Obama cut a secret deal with pharmaceutical company lobbyists to secure the industry’s support for his national health care law. Despite Obama’s promises during his campaign to run a transparent administration, the deal has been shrouded in mystery ever since. But internal emails obtained by House Republicans now provide evidence that a deal was struck and GOP investigators are promising to release more details in the coming weeks.”

Could be the Democratic National Committee has read the polls. “With just three weeks until the June 5 recall election in Wisconsin, Democrats in the state are still waiting for a check they asked the Democratic National Committee to send. And the Obama campaign hasn’t given them any cash, either.”

Could be that Obama has no intention of cutting spending. Ever. “According to a readout of the [Wednesday White House] meeting from the Speaker’s office, [Rep. John] Boehner asked Obama if he was proposing that Congress increase the debt limit without corresponding spending cuts. The president replied, ‘Yes,’ the Boehner aide said. At that point, Boehner told Obama, ‘As long as I’m around here, I’m not going to allow a debt-ceiling increase without doing something serious about the debt.’”

Could be they figured out that his agenda is contrary to their business interests. “Donors tied to banking desert Obama for Romney.”

Could be that lots of countries are counting on Israel. Obama sure isn’t going to do anything. “Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar said on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin told him in the past that Russia was not worried about Iran getting a nuclear weapon because Israel would prevent such a scenario by attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

Could be that Obama thinks voters have very short memories. “The Obama administration, in the form of Vice President Joe Biden, said the stimulus would ‘literally drop kick us out of the recession.’ But no one thinks we’ve returned to prosperity. Michael Grabell, a reporter for ProPublica, documents the many failings of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act . . . . Grabell concludes that ‘the stimulus ultimately failed to do what America expected it to do — bring about a strong, sustainable recovery. The drop kick was shanked.’ ”