Charlotte was a mistake. Jay Cost writes that putting the Democrats’ national political convention in Charlotte “frustrates multiple clients of the Democratic party. The gay marriage ballot initiative in North Carolina is only one such example, which obviously aggravates high-profile gay donors to Obama-Biden. But also problematic is that North Carolina is a right to work state and the unions are having a hard time swallowing that one. So, Charlotte was a mistake — at least insofar as these things matter. He should have held it in Denver or maybe Des Moines.”

It is always a mistake to underestimate the media’s rooting interest. Charles Krauthammer: “Look, I think there’s an appalling double standard here. It’s ok for the Washington Post to run a 5,000-word front-page story on a prank that Romney at the age of 15 committed, and yet it’s somehow illegitimate, the low road or whatever, for people to bring up the fact that the adult Obama had a 20-year relationship with a racist, anti-American preacher whom he considered, spoke about and wrote about as his mentor and spiritual advisor. That is a double standard unlike any I’ve ever seen.”

It is a mistake to think that if we are running for the exits NATO countries won’t also. “It remains to be seen, however, whether those allies will be willing to stay in Afghanistan much longer. [New French president François] Hollande promised during his campaign to withdraw all French combat troops this year. [National Security Advisor Tom] Donilon said that Obama understands the importance of campaign promises but also will emphasize the importance of NATO countries keeping their commitments and working with the other alliance members.” Funny, Obama tends to put elections first as well.

A mistake? I think not. The New York Times left out a key bit of information on its report on China’s “princelings” ( “the children of the Communist Party’s former and current leadership, who have taken control over many of that country’s most profitable businesses”). “The New York Times reveals that [DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey] Katzenberg’s silent Chinese partner in the deal is Jiang Mianheng, the son of former Communist Party leader and Chinese President Jiang Zemin. What the New York Times does not reveal is that Katzenberg is the largest donor to President Obama’s Super PAC Priorities USA at $2 million and a major bundler to the Obama campaign, having raised more than $500,000 for the President’s reelection campaign. Also not revealed by the New York Times, Katzenberg and his studio are currently under SEC investigation for bribing Chinese officials in order to obtain access to the Chinese market.”

It may have been a mistake for President Obama to announce he didn’t want to do anything about our “fiscal cliff.” The markets don’t like irresponsible politicians, whether in the United States or Europe: “Dow Swoons for Sixth Day.”

If you think campaigns aren’t about details and execution, you are making a big mistake. “It has appeared behind Romney on stage more often than several of his sons, standing stiff and silent, but saying volumes about the candidate’s stark vision of an economy led for another four years by President Barack Obama. It is Romney’s enormous electronic debt clock, now concluding its first trip here to Florida. . . .Romney’s Boston staff noticed that the clock, which costs about $1,000 per event to transport, set up and run, seems to have an effect on the audience when it’s on stage: it keeps them focused on the economy, which Romney calls his ‘wheelhouse.’”

Obama is making a mistake if he thinks military action against Iran is a political loser. The latest Pew poll: “A solid majority (63%) of Americans would turn to military force to prevent Iran from going nuclear.”

It is a mistake to think the issue is the nukes and not the regime that seeks to obtain them. “Had the Islamic republic not announced its intention to destroy Israel, [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu would not be the world leader everyone was watching closely to see when and if he was going to do something about Iran’s nuclear program. Europe would not be busy drinking wine and talking about negotiations, while hurling epithets at Israel.”