Good riddance. “Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) chairman Gregory Jaczko announced Monday he will resign, effective on the confirmation of a successor, after years of criticism and allegations of inappropriate behavior toward women and potential false testimony before Congress.”

Good to know by Eric Fehrnstrom: “With respect to Mitt Romney’s period of time as the governor of Massachusetts — in that four years as governor he created between 30k and 40k jobs. That is more than President Obama has created for the entire nation. And at Bain Capital, of course the mission was to create value, that’s how the free enterprise system works, but when you create value, when you add value as they did in trying to improve companies, you also add employment, and a rough back-of-the-envelope estimate of how many jobs they created is well in excess of 100,000.”

Good point. “If Obama is splitting hairs over what kind of private equity is good and what kind is bad, it’s probably not his best moment.”

Good try. “The Obama campaign is in full damage-control mode one day after Newark Mayor Cory Booker publicly derided Democrats’ assault on presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney over his record at Bain Capital. Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod today publicly rebuked Booker, a popular and high-profile surrogate for the campaign, saying he was ‘just wrong.’ ”

Good luck with that. “Two Republican senators have sent a query to the federal appeals court for Ninth Circuit about a $1 million conference the court planned for this August. That bastion of Left Coast legal liberalism apparently considered it necessary to head even further west, to Hawaii, in order to hold discussions on ‘the business of the courts and advising means of improving the administration of justice within the circuit.’ One could only hope that, with a scandal one-and-a-quarter the size of the one that forced several GSA officials to resign, perhaps some Ninth Circuit judges might do the same.”

Good question. “So which is it: Are we committed to minimal goals, primarily focused on leaving Afghanistan as quickly as possible and not leaving behind ‘unimpeded’ al-Qaeda safe havens, or are we committed to establishing ‘the rule of law and good governance,’ including guaranteeing the rights ‘of all Afghan women’? This discrepancy is hard to understand or explain. It can only mean one thing: Either the president isn’t leveling with us when he says we will pursue minimalist goals or he isn’t leveling with us when he signs a summit declaration that commits us to maximalist goals.” Actually I think it’s pretty clear Obama isn’t much interested in the topic at all.

Good advice. “If Obama was a stock, this chart would make you want to short it.”

Good guess. The media is thinking Gov. Scott Walker might just pull this off. “Democrats are faced with the very real possibility that they will lose in two weeks. And unlike in last year’s state Senate recalls, they won’t be able to point to incremental gains. It’s all or nothing. Win, and they will win big. Lose, and the party will have handed Republicans not just a newly energized base, but a public acceptance of Walker’s controversial record. That’s an awful lot to gamble on in a presidential year.”