That’s the best they’ve got? “[Elizabeth] Warren’s claim to be ‘part Indian’ is correct in mythical terms. Every old-school white Oklahoman is in this regard even if this is nominally not true.” Nominally?

The worst part is ahead says the Congressional Budget Office. “The U.S. economy will likely enter another recession in the first half of 2013 if large tax increases and spending cuts are allowed to go into effect in January, the Congressional Budget Office said, a finding that could intensify pressure on policymakers to reach a fiscal agreement later this year.” Obama’s answer in essence is “Eh, cliff. What cliff?

The best part is the Obama campaign thinks this is a compliment. Artur Davis says that “the Obama camp looks ominously like a cult of personality that tolerates no dissent; and the reelection campaign just doubled down on the European leftist notion that business is fair only when it operates in a sanitized, risk free manner.”

The hypocrisy is the worst part. Hasn’t the Obama team said nearly the same thing? “South Carolia Rep. Jim Clyburn was wrong to accuse Bain Capital of ‘raping’ companies in a Tuesday interview, the Obama campaign said in a statement.” But “vulture” is okay?

The best part is that Obama is still committed to a nuclear-free world. “Activity is ramping up at North Korea’s nuclear test site, a sign that the country is preparing for a test, according to analysis of new satellite images by the defense publication IHS Janes.”

This might be the worst excuse yet. “Vice President Joe Biden admitted to a group of supporters in New Hampshire this afternoon that the President would have been able help the economy ‘much, more’ if the Tea Party hadn’t taken the House.” How about the first two years?

The worst part of the Bain attack is that they can’t keep their stories straight.