What is the U.S. doing? “British government ministers are discussing what role the country could play in a possible military confrontation in the Middle East over Iran’s nuclear program, the BBC reported on Wednesday.”

What?! “Republicans are continuing to attack the Obama administration and call for more investigations into allegations that two filmmakers were provided classified information for a movie about the Navy SEAL Osama bin Laden raid.”

What eludes some conservatives about New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie: “His reform of state workers’ benefits and pensions helped balance the state budget, and it foreshadowed other conservative reforms at the state level, similar to those of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He has proposed cutting income taxes 10 percent for all New Jersey citizens, and he was instrumental in capping property-tax increases at 2 percent per year. Christie recently vetoed a health-insurance exchange mandated under Obamacare. He cut funding for Planned Parenthood and vetoed a gay-marriage bill. And if that wasn’t enough, Christie also pushed for school choice for New Jersey families. . . . Chris Christie’s ability to pass major conservative reforms appeals to the vast majority of conservatives, and for good reason: He’s one of us.”

What did you think they were up to? “The self-described ‘pro-Israel, pro-peace’ liberal advocacy group J Street is soliciting funds for congressional candidates who are openly hostile to Israel while simultaneously targeting for defeat explicitly pro-Israel lawmakers who do not agree with its radical Middle East agenda.”

What is new to Politico has been widespread belief on the right for some time now. “GOP discovers that Mitt could win.”

What a fine addition he would be. “A spokesman for the Republican National Committee said that Artur Davis, the former Democratic congressman from Alabama, would be ‘welcome’ if he decides to run for Congress again as a Republican.”

What more assurance of Romney’s conservative bona fides do national security hawks need than the criticism of the former secretary of state, who opposed the surge and endorsed Obama in 2008? “Powell Criticizes Romney on Foreign Policy.”

What is the problem with a minute of silence? “Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon wrote an official letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) asking them to open the London 2012 Olympic Games with a minute of silence in memory of the members of the Israeli Olympic team murdered at the Munich Olympics in 1972.” If you know why there is opposition, then you know why it is necessary.

What did you expect with an economy like this one? “President Barack Obama returned Wednesday to Silicon Valley to collect at least $3 million in campaign donations from the center of the tech world. But campaign-finance records suggest the industry no longer views Mr. Obama, who famously employed the Internet to mobilize supporters, with the same excitement — though he still outshines presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney. At this point in the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama had raised $3.5 million from individuals who work in the computer and Internet industry, according to records maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics. This election cycle, Mr. Obama has hauled in $2.6 million from the industry.”