He won’t be missed. “No sad farewell to Patrick Fitzgerald here. Nothing good the man did in his years as U.S. attorney in Chicago and assistant U.S. attorney in New York could ever make up for the appalling miscarriage of justice he perpetrated against Scooter Libby.”

It won’t rank high among his most important broken promises, but still it’s egregious. “It’s the kind of campaign promise that seems silly in hindsight. But as a candidate in 2008 while criticizing the Bush Administration as the ‘most secretive administration in modern history,’ then-Senator Obama promised to put all bills online five days before signing to allow the public to comment. It’s a promise he’s broken virtually every time he’s signed a bill.”

They won’t get very far, especially if they vote for his agenda? “Can Democrats run from Obama? Should they?”

John Bolton likely won’t be on the short list for vice president, but he should be. He writes: “The United States had, until Obama, avoided the worst excesses of the statism that dominates Europe. With the effects of such policies now plainly in view, one would think the political conclusion for most Americans would be relatively easy to draw. But, just as in Europe, the lure of entitlements, free lunches and no responsibility are seductive to many here, as well. We will see in November whether Americans wish to continue pursuing their cherished exceptionalism, or whether they will metaphorically retrace the paths of many of their ancestors back to Europe.”

Unfortunately it won’t get the lunatics out of government. “The Senate has passed S.B. 2367, requiring the word ‘lunatic’ be removed everywhere it appears in the U.S. Code.”

Won’t they be in panic by the fall if they are this worried in May? “Obama 2012 aide Jim Messina reassures Hill Dems.”

This won't help President Obama’s campaign. “New signs of a global slowdown are darkening the economic outlook. On Thursday, the U.S. reported that businesses were slowing their orders of computers, aircraft, machinery and other long-lasting goods. Measures of business sentiment in Europe slipped, and reports from purchasing managers at manufacturers around the globe turned down. Among them, China, the world’s second-largest economy, registered its seventh straight drop in an important manufacturing index. With the latest reports, a new economic threat is emerging: That activity is slowing in sync around the globe and not just in a few markets with their own isolated problems.” Yikes.

You won’t get any clearer sign of Obama’s troubles than a warning on the front page of the New York Times. “Mr. Obama is leveraging his bully pulpit and advertising dollars to argue that Mr. Romney’s career as a successful financial executive exhibited values that are not those of a good president. In doing so, he has not only drawn criticism from allies like Steven L. Rattner, the investor and former adviser on the auto industry, and Cory A. Booker, the mayor of Newark and a favorite of New York’s hedge fund world. Mr. Obama may also be testing a bond first formed by Bill Clinton, who persuaded much of his party’s elite that Democrats could be both populist and friendly to Wall Street.” Ouch.