Yup. “Obama Campaign ‘Truth Team’ Conflates Smears with Criticisms, Citing Disputed Study.”

Yup. “Should Obama come to Wisconsin to help Barrett?” Well, if you want Gov. Scott Walker to win and tie the president to a shellacking for Big Labor.

Yup. “Wisconsin recall election: Scott Walker’s fate will have November implications.”

Yup. “An altercation between a young Saudi woman and an agent of the country’s morality police over her nail polish in a Riyadh mall has stirred a public debate in the Middle Eastern kingdom, the Saudi Gazette reported on Saturday. In a video the woman recorded of the incident and posted on YouTube, she can be heard demanding the agents of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to leave her alone, as they instruct her to leave the mall at once.” It’s always a mistake to criticize a woman’s cosmetics.

Yup. “The three most populous states — California, Texas and New York — are all but irrelevant this year in picking the GOP nominee. The contest was essentially over by the time New York voted in late April. Texas will be irrelevant when it votes Tuesday and so will California when it votes June 5.” That’s why a lot of polling is nonsense — the big red and blue states don’t matter (nor does the Hispanic vote in these states.).

Yup. David Brooks on the anti-Bain ads: “I do think [it] hurts Obama, because it makes him look like a very conventional politician. I don’t think, if you are a liberal Democrat, you want to be seen attacking business. People may not love business. They like it a lot better than government. And they don’t want to see an anti-business Democrat.” Brooks called one ad, which blamed Mitt Romney for a steel plant closing, little more than “a whole series of falsehoods.”

Yup. “Mitt Romney is finding that the lessons he learned in the GOP primary are serving him well against President Obama. . . . The presumptive Republican nominee is reaping the benefits of surviving his primary struggle, and the lessons he learned throughout. While there were concerns that Romney’s inability to shake his initial challengers might have weakened his campaign, instead he seems to have emerged with the begrudging respect of Republican loyalists.”