Expected. “U.S. veterans, about 13 percent of the adult population and consisting mostly of older men, support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama for president by 58 percent to 34 percent, while nonveterans give Obama a four-percentage-point edge.”

Expected that he would be shocked and say something idiotic. “‘I am personally shocked and horrified by the tragic incident in Houla two days ago, which took so many innocent lives, children, women and men,’ Annan said as he arrived in the Syrian capital. He called on all sides of the conflict to end the bloodshed, saying ‘this message of peace is not only for the government, but for everyone with a gun.’” Everyone needs to disarm or just the side massacring children?

Expected, given how poorly Elizabeth Warren is performing. “Next weekend, commonwealth Democrats are holding their annual state convention. It will be a gathering of moonbats wearing Birkenstocks and socks, union payroll patriots and limousine liberals. Although Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren is their anointed candidate to take on U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, state Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh is predicting that Marisa DeFranco, a Boston immigration lawyer with a mere 1200 Facebook friends, is going to get 15 percent of the delegates, allowing her to be on the September ballot. That means Sitting Duck Warren will have to face a primary.”

Expected. The hard left has hated the military for a long time. “An MSNBC broadcaster has caused outrage by saying he feels ‘uncomfortable’ branding soldiers who have died in battle ‘heroes.’ Chris Hayes, a liberal commentator who hosts ‘Up with Chris Hayes,’ said the word is used to justify further war. His stuttered comments — made on Memorial Day weekend — have sparked outrage among veterans organizations and across the Internet.” After being ripped to shreds in conservative media he subsequently issued an overwrought and somewhat unintelligible apology.

Expected that his charms would become obvious. “Mitt Romney ponders his choice of a running mate, the case for Ohio’s Rob Portman is fairly simple: He wouldn’t hurt the Romney cause in any significant ways, and could help it in others.If that sounds like an underwhelming argument for Sen. Portman, it isn’t. In the eyes of some Romney advisers, the one thing the presumptive Republican nominee can’t afford to do is replicate his party’s 2008 choice of Sarah Palin, who soared on the excitement scale but appeared unprepared for the presidency. . . . His résumé is sterling. There is no chance his credentials would be questioned, little chance he would hurt the ticket and only a slim chance he would commit a distracting gaffe.”

Expected that sooner or later someone on the left would fess up. “For Obama & Co., this time around it’s all about fear. . . . For anyone still starry-eyed about Obama, the months ahead will provide a bracing revelation about what he truly is: not a savior, not a saint, not a man above the fray, but a brass-knuckled, pipe-hitting, red-in-tooth-and-claw brawler determined to do what is necessary to stay in power — in other words, a politician.” Well, and a really unsuccessful incumbent.

Expected. Its regime is serious about propping up its closest ally; we are unserious about dislodging him. “Iran confirmed Sunday that it has, as previously speculated, sent troops to aid President Bashar Assad’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in his country.”

Expected that Niall Ferguson would have a smart take on the anti-Bain attacks. ”Before Mitt Romney entered politics, he started up and successfully ran a private-equity shop. He turned money-losing companies around, partly by firing surplus employees. Before Barack Obama entered politics, he was a community organizer, then a lawyer. The firm where he worked in the 1990s specialized in civil-rights litigation and neighborhood economic development. Visit Chicago to see how well that went. The president wants this election to be the White House vs. Wall Street. But if it’s really Harvard Business School vs. Harvard Law School, I’ll take the M.B.A. over the J.D. every time. The only jobs lawyers ever create are for other lawyers. And if you don’t believe me, you clearly haven’t read Dodd-Frank.” Read the whole thing.